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Solomon Speaks On Reconnective Healing

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Solomon Speaks On Reconnective Healing

A Healing Voice From Beyond
Dr. Eric  Pearl
Dr. Eric Pearl More by this author
May 19, 2014 at 08:30 AM

Editor's Note: Dr. Eric Pearl, the author of this article, will be speaking live about Reconnective Healing at I Can Do It! London 2015 this September in the UK. Click here to learn all about his talk and to book your ticket to the event.

Ever since the publication of my first book, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, the world has been waiting for more information on healing and The Reconnection. I am happy to announce that I have written a new book with Frederick Ponzlov called,  Solomon Speaks on Reconnecting Your Life. You might have to reconsider everything you’ve read up until now about healing, consciousness, and our four-dimensional existence here on Earth. The spirit of Solomon, an extradimensional intelligence, speaks through Fred to present insights about the unique transmodality known as Reconnective Healing. These insights can be applied to your life—insights that have revolutionized the healing world and given us the key to access the immense power that we each have within our lives.

 Here is an introduction to the voice of Solomon, responding to the question Who Is Solomon?

The Reconnection

 We have all met before, and here we are. No accident, is it? You have to see that our lives are united in a very deep and complex manner. It’s an interwoven tapestry of existence. And it’s beautiful. We will work together. We will be brave in the doing of it.

 We are fond of names. It is of little consequence to me by which you call me forward. If Solomon is convenient, that is perfectly acceptable. Aaron likes his name very much. It’s very likable. I’m very much a part of that spiritual realm that can be labeled Aaron, and Aaron is very involved in what might be labeled, as you refer to me, Solomon. We are entities that have amassed a great confluence of energy that is helping those find their way in this point in time, where things are going to change rapidly. They are here, and we are here to unveil the change and be able to help those deal with it as it reveals itself.

I want you to wonder...
I want you to realize another plane...part of a much greater plane...
You have always been part of the cycle...
You are here to facilitate your perception...
You are coming into a plateau of existence...
We have much to understand in this space. -Solomon

 In essence, we are all of a great entity of the same energy, so I don’t want to lead you wrong in thinking that we are very distinct personalities. On one level we are; but on another, greater picture, we are of one force. We bloom in different ways.

 I’m trying to find a way to help you visualize. We are of a common blood. Our force has been the force of eternity. Our lives manifest this eternity in different realms. We are at one with our lives, and we are at one with eternity. I come from an energy source that has been in time. It has been in the inception of life itself. It is a plane of existence that has never been touched until recently. It has come because the alarm has sounded.

 It comes in a way that is fundamental to our greater understanding of the forces that operate within the universe. Our entity, as it were, is a family of energies that converge. There are many members of this family; Fred and Eric happen to each be one, as do you. We have missions, as it were, in various planes. Our mission here is of a very urgent nature: the need for people to understand their roles in the universe. There is a great time ahead. But great struggle to it as well.

We have been here for you before. We have always been here. We will be a part of That Which Is as we carry you in our hearts. We feel your energy. I am only an intermediary to greater energy. I am part of that energy, and I am handing it to you. It is there to help. I am as much a conduit as you are. We are a chain leading to the center, That Which Is.

 I am representative of another facet of that energy. We are many individuals in one force field. We are expressing various facets of a greater truth as it is unveiled. You might ask if I’m a personality, because I am personable in this interaction. If I were to be here and just allow you to experience it, there would be value, but you wouldn’t recognize it. So in other words, I speak through Fred—and through that, people somehow are validated, because I have no judgment issues with anyone. I am not about judging anyone. I’m only there to help them remember who they are and the greatness they are and that greatness that is in all human life-forms and the respect with which somebody should be treated. Once that is fully realized, then you do have paradise.

You have a heart that is ready to be opened. It is a difficult responsibility to bear, you know. It is overwhelming in many ways, but it will accentuate the life force you already possess. Energy is the key to connect you to a greater hope.

You have a force of nature coming through you—and your hands—that responds to environmental stimulus. It is a two-way encounter. It comes in, it flows through, it goes out. And in that interchange, you will understand the existence you so long to desire. Many can reach this, but eyes are blind, you know. It is only a few who dare to open their eyes, and often those who do are blinded by what they see.

The kind of knowledge you seek is written in your heart. It is not outside you. In looking to access it, I wish you the utmost inner quest. However, it is your quest. It will become clearer as you move forward. It is in transition and in your life. You will feel discrepancies intertwine in a way that you don’t want them to. It is not always your clear desire. There will be a recognition of a palpable force. It will feel clearer as time goes on. These are such difficult times, you know. And so many hearts remain detached. Your mission, in a way, is to connect a spiritual heart to a spiritual existence. It’s not always an easy thing you undertake. But it is the quest of life, you see. You must allow yourself a different space. It is time to feel much more. Allow this life force to pervade you. 

To read more insight from Solomon, see Solomon Speaks on Reconnecting Your Life.

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