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Soul Shifts in the USA

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Soul Shifts in the USA

Hay House UK MD Michelle Pilley reports back on I Can Do It! Denver
Michelle Pilley
Michelle Pilley More by this author
Apr 30, 2015 at 02:15 AM 0 comments

Sitting here in Denver the day after our wonderful ICDI event ended, there is a great feeling of completion. Nearly 4,000 people attended and we had 46 authors speaking — such an inspirational gathering of excitingly diverse presenters. In the Hay House team there are tired faces but a wonderful sense of the event having gone very well.

Jessica, our über-organised Events Manager from the UK, was out here assisting her US counterpart, Molly, which was a great opportunity for her to see several of the people who will be speaking in the UK later this year, including Dr. Wayne Dyerwhose keynote kicked off the conference and got everyone rocking.

Jessica and I together in a rare moment of downtime in Denver!

I overheard many people raving about Dr. Christiane Northrup who will be headlining for us in September at I Can Do It! London. She is such a witty and engaging speaker who shares such fascinating information.
Sonia Choquette’s wonderfully dynamic ‘spirit-centered work out’ lifted the energy of the room and gave people the chance to dance their way into connection. She will be doing a one-day event for us in November and also speaking at ICDI — a couple of great chances to see Sonia in action in the UK this year.
The UK presenters all went down extremely well in front of the US audience. Robert Holden is a regular at Hay House US ICDI events, and he closed the conference with his usual hilarious fusion of personal and spiritual wisdom. The US audience loved Lynne McTaggart’s powerful call to action, and were completely engaged by Kyle Gray’s invitation to connect more powerfully with their angels.
As Kyle stood in front of his audience of nearly 900 people he felt quite overcome, so it was great that his close friend, maven of the divine feminine Meggan Watterson, was on hand to make him laugh. As Kyle took to the stage he was his normal magnificent self and the US audience were enraptured.
I was sitting next to the wonderful Radleigh Valentine, who was in the audience to support Kyle as his own fabulous talk had already taken place. Radleigh and Kyle will be getting together again for the UK Angel World Summit on 4 July — that’s going to be a fun day!
Kyle snapped this photo of the 900+ people he spoke to at I Can Do It!
It was also wonderful for me to meet with so many of our authors and catch up with their new ideas and plans. It was such a great chance to have so many people in the same space. I was fascinated to meet an author who has become a legend in the personal development arena — Barbara de Angelis.
Barbara is best known for her work on relationships, but has been studying spirituality all her life. In her new book, Soul Shifts, she steps out of the spiritual closet to describe those powerful moments in life where we know we are ready to awaken and rebirth ourselves into a more authentic and freer manifestation of our Soul here in this lifetime.
Here I am with Barbara at I Can Do It! in Denver
The audience in Denver was clearly ready to take this step and rebirth, judging by the response to Barbara’s passionate invitation to journey with her and experience a profound vibrational shift:

‘Each thought, feeling and internal reaction you have creates a vibrational wave of a certain frequency and quality, depending on the nature of the thought or emotion, and radiates, or broadcasts, that information out just like all waves do.’
How wonderful it is at the end of huge event like I Can Do It to contemplate those 46 inspiring talks generating all those fantastic vibrational waves out across the planet.
I love my job!!!
Michelle Pilley
Editior's note: Michelle Pilley is the Managing Director and Publisher of Hay House UK. For all the latest from Michelle and the UK division of Hay House, like her Facebook page or follow her on Twitter.
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