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Spring Equinox: The Festival of Balance and Potential

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Spring Equinox: The Festival of Balance and Potential

20–23 March in the Northern Hemisphere; 20–23 September in the Southern Hemisphere
Glennie  Kindred
Glennie Kindred More by this author
Mar 19, 2019 at 03:00 AM

Spring Equinox is celebrated as the first day of Spring, when day and night are equal in both hemispheres.

All of Nature is stirring now and showing signs of activity after the Winter sleep. Buds are bursting on the trees, Spring flowers are coming out and seeds are germinating. The power of the Sun is increasing, the days are lengthening and the nights are shortening. We begin to feel empowered to reach out for what we want and to take risks, strike out on our own, go for walks and connect to the Earth again.

We can use the potential and fertility of this time to create opportunities for positive change in our lives and in the world. At this point we are poised between opposite forces, light and dark, receptive and active, unconscious and conscious, inner and outer. These can be united within us so that we are whole and balanced individuals. This gives birth to actions that come from the heart.

In the past the fertile Earth goddess Eostre was honoured at this time in celebration of new life and gestation. Dragon processions celebrated the emerging active energy of the Earth and eggs were used as a potent symbol of new life and rebirth.

Spring Equinox Celebration 

*This is a day to be outside, to enjoy the elements, to run wild like a March Hare, to experience the awakening energy of the Earth. 

*Meet for a shared breakfast or arrange a meeting place for a shared walk that will take you out into an open space, such as a common, moor or hilltop. Ask everyone to bring a decorated hard-boiled egg, picnic food and drink to share and something to fly in the wind such as kites, ribbons or prayer flags.

*Before you begin your walk, gather in a circle and if there are some new faces, welcome them and help them to feel included. Everyone in turn says their name and as they do so, each person places their egg at the centre of the circle and makes a ‘pledge of potential’ to help the Earth in some way. Inspire each other with your boldness and creative plans! Enjoy the sight of all the eggs lying in the grass and pass around a hot fruit cup, offering a toast to everyone’s endeavours as you take a sip.

*Gather up the eggs (eat en route!) and use the walk to net- work and develop the ideas and plans put forward.

* At the top of the hill or wherever you decide to stop, fly kites and plant the prayer flags in the Earth, sending out mes- sages of hope and prayers for peace on the wind. You can make these beforehand or provide materials for making them on the day. Take some pens and write prayers, messages of hope and good wishes onto ribbons. These can be tied onto a stick and run with in the wind.

* Have a shared picnic and take bags to clear up any rubbish you find, especially plastic, which can blow far in the strong March winds.

A chant:

‘Building bridges between our divisions,
I reach out to you as you reach out to me. 
With all of our voices and all of our visions, 
Together we can make such a sweet harmony. 
Together we can make such a sweet harmony.’

Spring Equinox Ceremony

*Create a central indoor shrine with green and yellow cloths and place a basket of (fairly traded) chocolate eggs at the centre. Add vases of Spring flowers and a circle of nightlights in bowls of sand.

*Begin by singing the chant and circling round this central shrine, using staffs or walking sticks as a way to create rhythm. Build up the energy as you welcome the active forces of the Earth and celebrate the awakening Earth dragon. Call out all that you welcome into your life. Let your imagination run wild! Release and energize!

*Welcome each element by singing each one into the circle. Be spontaneous, using words and sounds that help you make a connection. Echo each other’s words and sounds, build and develop them so that all the sounds gather momentum and flow together.

*Let the sounds gradually fade away and stand in the stillness for a while. Meditate together on the potential of Spring and on any projects or plans you are giving birth to.

*When you feel ready, call upon the energy of the Equinox Hare to lead you on a journey within, asking for inspiration and wis- dom for your new plans. Remain standing with your staff or walking stick and sing sounds and notes to facilitate your journey with Hare. Picture yourself going down through a hole in the Earth and down a tunnel. Where this leads to is your own personal inner journey. Keep your quest for wisdom and inspiration as your strongly held intention as you follow the Hare and sing your connection to Dreamtime.

*When you feel your journey is done, return to your tunnel and wait, gently toning one long single note on each outbreath until everyone is doing the same.

*If you are a small group, take it in turns to speak or sing your journey from this place between the worlds. Do not try to interpret it at this point.

*When everyone has recounted their journey, thank the Hare and sing yourselves fully back.

*Each person takes a chocolate egg from the centre and names the project, plans or changes they are giving birth to. Take in the Spirit of potential as you eat your egg!

*Close the circle by singing out the elements as you sung them in.

*Bless the food and drink and as you eat, share the insights and understanding you gained on your journey and your plans for the Spring and Summer months.

Winds of Change

At this time of year we can inspire each other with prophecies of hope, the power of ‘We’ and our willingness and power to bring change into the world as we create opportunities for a bright new future. Inspire others to join in and spread actions with heart, actions that bring heartfelt common bonds of friendship and community into our lives! Bring the Equinox spark of fertility to your most positive actions! Feel the winds of change and the potential we are part of vibrating in every cell in your body!


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