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Sprout Some Wings

Your Divine Connection
Michael Bernard Beckwith
Michael Bernard Beckwith More by this author
Oct 29, 2012 at 10:00 AM

Brother Lawrence, the 17th-century Christian monk, was asked how he’d been able to maintain such a heightened state of awareness of his oneness with God. He replied, “I gave up all that was not he [meaning God] and I began to live in the world as if only he and I existed. As if only God and I existed.” He could say this because he was consciously choosing to live in such a way, and he exerted the spiritual discipline to enter that state of consciousness, a consciousness of oneness with God. Court that kind of awakening in your own life. Know that it is possible to live in this world as if only God exists, because it’s true. God exists as you. God exists as the people around you. God exists as opportunities that open up for you. You can choose not to see anything other than this. Let it speak to you throughout your day, then it will be present in your dream stage, it will pour out through your poetry, your song, your dance, your every movement.

As the Buddha described, once you hear the truth, it’s not going to go away. You’ve heard the truth and, one way or another, at one time or another, you will fully awaken to the awareness that your life is the life of the divine, that you are already an enlightened being.

You may resist this truth, you may deny it for a while, but it’s going to keep working on you, keep revolving within you, just as it is in this very moment, whether you are aware of it or not. Whatever has brought you to the point of awareness in which you find yourself today is the same thing that seeks to express itself in, through, and as you fully and completely. It’s emerging now, and soon you will sprout some wings and fly into the undiscovered region of your infinite potential.

Breathe into that awareness, feeling yourself connected to and blessed by it. The grace of God is pouring over you. Sometimes we don’t even know how blessed we are. There are blessings happening in your life that you don’t even know about yet.

Sometimes blessings come disguised and we say, “Oh no! I don’t want that! That isn’t what I’ve been praying for!” But right within that disguised blessing is something our soul is prepared to welcome or it wouldn’t have arrived at the threshold of our life, of our awareness.

So begin to count not only the blessings you can see, of which you are aware, but also give thanks for those you can’t yet see. Say to yourself, “My life is magnificent in every way—the good, the harmony, the love, the creativity, the joy, the harmony—are beyond my imagining! I am so humbly grateful for life, and to Life itself!”

This is your life on God. This is your brain on love. This is your mind on peace. This is your being on creativity. This is your body temple on vibrant health. All of this and more is who and what you are.

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Michael Bernard Beckwith
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