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Start A Love Revolution

Feel A Loving Connection With Everyone And Everything
James  Van Praagh
James Van Praagh More by this author
Nov 15, 2016 at 10:15 AM

Whenever I watch the news or browse the Internet, I’m struck by how virtually all the problems we’re facing today are rooted in two things – fear, and the illusion that we are all separate. Rather than dwell on the negative, or worse, amplify the toxic energy by complaining to friends and ranting on social media, why not start a movement to counterbalance the fear and intolerance in the world with love? 

You might be thinking, “That’s impossible, how can one person offset so much negativity?” Gandhi said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” That means rather than feeling overwhelmed and incapable of making a difference, you can choose to be part of the solution. I wrote my latest book, The Power of Love: Connecting to the Oneness, as a reminder that you have the power to right what’s wrong in the world. You have the Power of LOVE! 

A tiny change today brings a dramatically different tomorrow.

Richard Bach, One

Here’s a passage from The Power of Love that illustrates my point: 

If only we knew why we come to Earth and what exactly our purpose is, life would be so much easier to navigate. So, the question remains: Why do we choose to come to a place where war, hunger, hate, judgment, and the like reign supreme?

Why would we choose to be part of an environment we cannot relate to, and where there is little respect for each other? Why would any of us choose to be in such an uncivilized world? 

Each one of us is made of the energy of divine light that is pure infinite love. The biggest illusion we have is that we see ourselves as being separate from one another. In love, we are not separate. That is why love is not something that you do; love is truly who you are. Love never left you and will never leave you; love is complete, constant, and immeasurable.

Everything we experience in this life is meant to remind us that we are love. The question is: What is holding you back from experiencing love in every moment of your life? What are you waiting for? 

As you reconnect to your soul, your priorities in life may change. You will discover that the answers to all your questions lie within your soul, not outside you. As I opened my mind to the power of love, I had many creative, forgiving, imaginative, and compassionate experiences.

By constantly receiving impressions from Spirit, I learned how to distinguish my ego’s fearful and insecure thoughts from the still, small voice of Spirit’s love within me. I learned that by not judging my thoughts, no matter what they were, I was bringing more love into my awareness, and in doing so, I experienced more fun and freedom in my life. 

Join me in my Love Revolution! 

Join my Love Revolution! Each day on Facebook I'm putting my love energy to work with special acts of kindness, self-loving exercises, and fun surprises. Who knows what will happen - I might even do a little dance to my favorite love song just to make YOU smile. I’ll give you a chance to share YOUR favorite acts of love on my Facebook Page and, of course, I'll also be giving away some amazing gifts! 

Order your copy of The Power of Love today – it’s my official guidebook to manifesting love in all forms. The Power of Love book, and The Power of Love Activation Card Deck is available now.

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James  Van Praagh
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