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Who Is Abraham And Who Are Esther & Jerry Hicks?


Abraham, a group of evolved Non-Physical teachers, have presented their teachings and perspectives through channeling to Esther Hicks since 1986. Esther and her husband, Jerry Hicks, have shared the enlightening concepts of Abraham to over 50 countries a year since 1989. Esther and Jerry Hicks have published more than 700 books, cassettes, CDs, videos, and DVDs on Abraham’s teachings, specifically the art of allowing our natural well-being to come forth.

Abraham is the proprietor of the processes for abundance, and has pioneered many simple ways for you to get what you are looking for out of life and feel good about it.  There are many different methods he suggested. Below, you can read a few Abraham quotes and exercises that can help shape your life in new ways.  


An Intention Experiment - List Your Thoughts Out On Paper


This can be a simple exercise to increase your good thoughts and decrease the negative ones. Positive thought processes leave less room for negative thoughts, and make it easier to make positive thinking a habit. I am sure you have an area of your life that you feel could use improvement. Try listing the first five thoughts that spring to mind about that topic. Of those five, choose the one that feels the most positive and scratch out the rest. Now think of something even happier or fulfilling in that aspect. Do this until you have five solid, positive thoughts, each one better than the last.

Segment Out Positive & Powerful Intentions


Break down your intentions into small and manageable segments, making sure that each is something you can handle with ease. An example would be, you are going on a date, and your intention is be calm and articulate. You are not pursuing the goal of having a good date, which is the outcome of your segmented intentions. Your job is to evaluate your intentions and the results.

To increase your perception of positivity, take a notebook and write in it one thing you are not particularly good at, or feel you need to improve. Then write down everything you know to be positive about that subject. You will often find more than you expect. Soon you will find you can redefine negative statements and aspects of the topic. For example, your boss gives you a strenuous assignment, not because he does not like you or wants to see you overloaded, instead he is testing your stalwart patience and tenacity.

Creation Box Experiment And Intention Meditation


Using this method you can imagine that your wants are imminent. Make an artistic and unique box out of craft supplies or purchase one that suits you. Regardless of what you choose, the box should be special to you in some way. Label the box as something meaningful to you, like “The Magic Happy Box”, or something more serious and poignant. Put symbols and images on the box of things that you want, or people you would like to emulate. Then imagine all of you negative thoughts and put them into the box. Do this with a strong mental sense, even try meditating over it. Then close the box and imagine you have locked away all of your negative thought inside of it.


 “It is important for you to identify which intentions you want most to fulfill, because as you prioritize, you give your singular attention to what is most important; and as you give it your singular attention – you attract power unto the intention that is most important to you.” -Abraham


These methods to positive thinking and removal of negative thoughts can lead you to a happy, comforting place many other techniques have yet to accurately mimic. Do one or all of these every day, with purpose. You will find your greatest wants and intentions coming true in no time!


  Excerpts From: The Law of Attraction, The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham, by Esther and Jerry Hicks.  Copyright © 2006 (Hay House).

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