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Automatic Writing

Automatic Writing

What Is Automatic Writing?

This is a method that allows you to record detailed messages from Heaven. You’ll probably notice that your automatic-writing transmissions involve words that aren’t a part of your normal vocabulary. You may find that your handwriting changes, and that you can suddenly spell words that you weren’t able to before (and vice versa).


Automatic writing can also assist you on your spiritual path. For instance, through this method you can have conversations with God, your guardian angels, the ascended masters, and the archangels. You can ask your angels, “What are your names?” and other queries. And you can request that the archangels and ascended masters help you remember, and work on, your life’s purpose.

You can handwrite what you receive, or type it on a typewriter or word processor. If you’re writing by hand, you’ll need at least four pieces of regular-sized paper, a firm writing surface, and a reliable writing utensil. It’s a great idea to have some soothing music playing in the background and to adopt a comfortable sitting position.

Begin your automatic writing sessions with a prayer. Then, think about who you wish to connect with in Heaven. Mentally ask that being to have a conversation with you. You’re going to pose a question and then write the response that you receive in a question-and-answer format, similar to an interview.

The most important thing to keep in mind while doing automatic writing is to be completely authentic. Record whatever impressions you get, even if you’re unsure whether it’s your imagination or not.

If you’re getting nothing, write that down. You begin with jotting down whatever is occurring for you, and then eventually it switches over and becomes authentic spiritual communication.

During the automatic writing session, you may feel as if someone else is controlling your pen or pencil. Your handwriting, vocabulary, and spelling style will likely change during the session. Don’t let this frighten you, as fear can block Divine communication.

Remember, you’re safe and protected by God and Archangel Michael (who is the “bouncer angel” and won’t let any beings come near you unless they have loving intentions). Your hand may also start to doodle little circles, which is the spirit world’s way of greeting you and saying, “We’re so happy to connect with you!” If the doodling continues for too long, tell them that you’re happy to connect, too, but would they please switch over to communication that you can understand.

Your ego will probably have a field day during your automatic writing session. It will scream that you’re “just making this whole thing up!” If that happens, put the burden of proof that you’re receiving authentic communications on the being with whom you’re conversing. Ask the being, “How do I know that I’m not just making you up?” The answer will likely convince you of the authenticity of your Divine conversation.

If you’re still not certain, though, keep asking until you receive a message that puts your ego to rest. Or, ask the being to give you a physical sign, and then stop writing. Once you receive that sign, you’ll feel more confident during your next session.


How to Begin Guided Writing


Think of a query that you’d genuinely like answered. Mentally ask the spiritual being this question. Then, write it down at the top of the page while mentally repeating it. Be optimistic, holding the positive thought that you’ll be answered.

Record whatever impressions you pick up on through any of the four channels of Divine communication: thoughts, feelings, words, or visions. Then, ask another question and receive another answer . . . and so on.

When you’re done writing to one being, you can switch to conversing with a different one. When your communications are complete, be sure to thank everyone involved.

The angels say that they love to give us messages and that doing so is inherently rewarding to them because it’s fulfilling God’s will. Yet, when we thank our angels, our hearts fill with gratitude. And that warm feeling of appreciation is the “I love you” that we exchange with our celestial guardians as a fitting finish to a love letter from Heaven.

Practice asking your angels questions and then listening to their replies. In time, you’ll learn to instantly distinguish the voice of the angels from that of ego. It’s similar to picking up the telephone and immediately knowing whether it’s a loved one or a solicitor who’s calling. Also, with practice, you’ll learn to trust and lean upon the angels’ guidance as you experience successes by following their loving advice. You can ask your angels to help you hear them better, or to understand the meaning of their more cryptic messages. Here are some other ways to increase the clarity of your Divine communication:

— Breathe. When you’re stressed, you often hold your breath. This blocks you from hearing the messages that could relieve your stress. So, remember to breathe deeply when you’re conversing with your angels. The messages from angels are carried upon the molecules of oxygen. So the more fresh air you take in, the louder their messages seem to be. That’s why it’s easier to hear your angels when you’re outside in nature, or near water sources (including your shower or bathtub).

— Relax. Trying too hard prevents clear Divine communication. You needn’t strain to hear your angels, as they’re more motivated than you are to communicate. Instead, physically relax with your breath. Be in a receptive state, and ask your angels to help you release any tension in your mind or body.

— Follow your guidance. If your angels are asking you to improve your diet, it’s probably because they know that processed foods and chemicals create static on the Divine communication lines. Your angels are your best teachers in guiding you as to how to better hear their voices. Ask for their assistance in this regard, and then follow whatever guidance you receive.

— Ask for signs. If you’re unsure whether you’re accurately hearing your angels, ask them to give you a sign. As always, it’s best not to specify what type of sign you want. Allow the angels’ infinite creativity to devise a wonderful one that you’ll easily recognize. You’ll delight in the loving sense of humor they display.

The angels give us signs so that we’ll know that they and their messages are real. Signs can be anything that you see or hear in the physical world three or more times, or once in a very unusual way. For instance, if you hear the same book title from three or more different sources, then it’s probably a recommendation from your angels to read that work.

The angels also leave us feathers in unusual places as a sign of their presence, probably because we associate feathers with angel wings. Another common sign is seeing angel-shaped clouds. Sometimes the signs we receive are fragrances, rather than something we see or hear. Many people report smelling perfume, flowers, or smoke when their angels are nearby.

"You have guardian angels with you right now. These angels are pure beings of Divine light who are entirely trustworthy and who want to help you with every area of your life. The word angel means “messenger of God.” Angels carry messages between the Creator and the created, like Heavenly postal carriers." –Doreen Virtue

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