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What Are Chakras?


The chakras are an identified group of energy centers located along the spine beginning at the base and moving upward to the skull. Each chakra energy center is believed to influence bodily functions near its spinal location in order to keep the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects of the body in balance.


What Are The Seven Chakras?



The Chakras receive, assimulate, and express life force energy. The chakras are rooted in the traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism, with 7 Chakras identified as: the crown chakra, the brow chakra, the throat chakra, the heart chakra, the solar plexus chakra, the sacral chakra, and the root chakra. When a chakra is imbalanced, the imbalance is reflected physiologically. Balancing chakras is an important part of a chakras healing system.


Chakra Meditation



Chakras meditation is a method of chakras healing for balancing chakras oftentimes using specific hand positions and sounds to consciously and unconsciously affect our minds, bodies and spirits. Chakras meditation can also be used to discover if your chakras are out of balance, affecting your inner peace.

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Where To Start


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