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Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing


What Is Crystal Healing?


Using crystals for healing has a long history among many cultures, including the Chinese, Egyptians, Native Americans and Hawaiian islanders. So what is crystal healing and why has crystal healing therapy been continuously used throughout history?

Healing with crystals depends on the power contained in the crystal itself, and the stone’s ability to conduct amplify, and transform energy. The more scientific and conventional use of crystal energy in use today can be seen in electronics such as watches, computers, and cell phones, while healing with crystals and the power of crystal therapy for humans continues to evolve.


Crystal Healing Power


Crystal power can enhance both traditional and alternative healing techniques. In fact, Reiki healing and Chakra healing practitioners often use crystal healing techniques in their energy healing practices since healing crystals both strengthen the body and resolve internal energy patterns as the crystal power conducts and amplifies energy throughout the body. Aches, pains, even chronic illness can benefit from crystal healing therapy – many people report that using crystal healing methods have energized them, helped break bad habits, healed them, and changed their lives. Explore crystal meaning for yourself and discover what your ancestors intuitively knew!


Crystals are a sensual and intuitive experience rather than an intellectual pursuit. They have a unique ability to absorb and transmute negativity into beneficence – and to interact with us energetically. Their ability to harness the power of our mind is truly incredible – they amp up the energy, boosting whatever we do. And it’s through handling them that we really connect to their magic.


Here's just one example of the power crystals have:


Crystals for relaxation:


  • Amethyst: A natural tranquilizer that induces a profound sense of peace and relaxation.


  • Auralite 23: Instantly shuts off mind chatter and induces a profound sense of relaxation.


  • Blue Lace Agate: Its serene energies induce profound peace of mind and link you to higher guidance.


  • Green Aventurine: Imparts a sense of wellbeing and emotional serenity.


  • Rhomboid Blue Selenite: Instantly shuts off mind chatter and opens the third eye.


  • Smoky Quartz: Instils a deep sense of relaxation into the physical and mental body.


These articles all delve deeper into how crystals can heal you.


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Or take our Introduction to Crystals: 7-Lesson Online Video Course, an accessible and very practical course with crystal expert Judy Hall, full of powerful techniques and exercises, including step-by-step instructions for choosing the crystals that are right for you, and cleansing, programming and working with these beautiful stones.

The more you work with crystals, the clearer it will become to you that they are here to support our healing and happiness, and want to help us to balance our energies and reach our full potential. 


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