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Holistic Health

Holistic Health


What Is Holistic Health?


Widely accepted in medicine, holistic health views the human body as a natural system incorporating psychological, social, and physical elements, all of which need to be taken into account by holistic health practitioners when diagnosing the underlying reason for a disease.



Popular holistic health approaches and holistic health treatments that many holistic health doctors prescribe are natural vitamin and mineral therapies, along with other holistic health therapies including meditation, exercise, massage, herbal, biochemical, nutrigenomic testing and more.


A holistic health wellness approach that addresses the intertwined mind, body and spirit is the optimal goal of holistic health practitioners and their patients. They believe the body has remarkable healing capabilities when given a proper foundation.

Where To Start


Silver Fir
Silver Fir - The Sacred Oil For Journeying and Accessing Personal Power The first time I worked with this oil I was catapulted back into a past life as a nomadic medicine woman in Siberia. Trudging through the snow,... Comments
Bottles of essential oils
Palo Santo: The Ideal Sacred Oil For Protection Palo Santo, whose name means ‘holy wood’, is an extremely powerful oil for psychic protection and is therefore essential for anyone involved in any... Comments
The First Steps of Your Healing Journey
5 Tips to Gain the Beat Cancer Mindset The purpose of my book, Chris Beat Cancer , is to tell you my story, explain the methods that I and many others have successfully used to heal, and... Comments


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Sacred Oils
Sacred Oils

Sacred oils are part of a mysterious and ancient art that dates back thousands of years. Their knowledge is passed from master to master - only a handful of people alive hold this knowledge. Among the