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Past Lives

Past Lives


What Is A Past Life?


The soul is eternal and repeatedly returns to Earth through rebirth into new bodies in order to grow and learn.” -Denise Linn


A past life is based on the belief that our souls, upon the death of our bodies, come back to earth in another body or form. A past life, then, is a reincarnation or rebirth of the soul in another body, and in another time. The best way to really understand the concept of past lives is to experience a past life regression.  All that is required for a past life experience is an open mind. Check out this free guided past life regression video with Dr. Brian L. Weiss, leading expert in past life regression:


Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, the idea of past lives makes sense if you’ve ever experienced any of the following:


  • Déjà vu?  You know, that crazy feeling that you’ve been here before?
  • Do you have a strange unexplained fear that is not related to anything that has happened to you in this lifetime?
  • Have you looked at a photograph from a distant time and place and felt absolutely sure that you have been there before?
  • Ever been to a new city and somehow knew the location of landmarks so well that you had to have been there before?


Now, some people claim that these are all coincidences, and maybe they’re right.  But what if we have been here before?  This is not only a more interesting twist but also explains irrational fears and anxieties that prevent us from living a full life during this lifetime.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could go back in time and change what happened to not only suit the way you want to live today, but also release fears and anxieties from the past that are holding you back?  Why, yes, of course we would like that option!  One past life regression ticket, please!


How Past Life Regression Can Help You


While we don’t recommend living in the past, revisiting your past lives offers many benefits in improving how you feel today.  Along with assuaging fears and phobias, past life regression can also:


  • Unlock energies
  • Transform relationships
  • Heal physical and emotional pain
  • Increase inner peace and happiness
  • Bring a deep sense of understanding of you and your soul mates


Once you are deeply relaxed, you are guided to the doorway of your past.  Even though you always have complete control while under hypnosis during this experience, not everyone is big on the whole guided hypnotherapy thing.  No problem. There are other ways to tap into your past lives.  For example, become a past-life detective!  Denise Linn, in her book, Past Lives, Present Miracles, offers a Past-Life Clues Questionnaire that helps uncover the clues to your past without being hypnotized:


  • What were the types of games you played as a child?  List them. Were any of them unusual for your age?
  • Are there any activities on the list that brought up particular emotions?
  • When you were playing make-believe, what did you envision?
  • Did your friends play any games that made you feel uncomfortable? 


Take a moment and jot down what comes to mind.   This is a great way to remember what you liked when you were young and a way to rediscover your passions.  Did you find any similarities on your list with what you do today?  This questionnaire is also a wonderful way to reconnect with your core desires and innate talents.  If you experience extreme discomfort or painful memories, just stop the exercise and take a few deep breaths to come back to the present moment.  For a deeper experience, or to release deeply rooted fears and phobias, Past Life Regression Therapy offers insight and immense relief.


Past Life Regression Therapy


Past Life Regression Therapy is a form of hypnosis or meditation based on the belief that an individual's present problems are rooted in events that occurred before birth in this life. The person undergoing therapy is asked a series of questions while hypnotized in hopes of revealing identity and events of past lives for the purpose of relieving intense mental and emotional issues in the present.


Although this sounds very intense and bit airy fairy, regression therapy has been shown to ease, if not eradicate, intense fears and anxieties from patients in a therapeutic setting.  Oftentimes, there are unexpected benefits from this type of therapy as well, like improved relationships and a renewed sense of purpose.  Dr. Weiss writes in his book, Mirrors of Time: Using Regression for Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Healing, Regressing to significant childhood events, to infancy, or even to past lives may provide considerable relief and benefit in the present time.”  His method has helped thousands of people heal physical and emotional pain. 


No matter which method you choose, be it a guided meditation, written exercises, or therapy, past life regression can be soothing and insightful and can offer a way to heal your present day pain.

Excerpts taken from Past Lives, Present Miracles, by Denise Linn and Mirrors of Time, by Dr. Brian L. Weiss 



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