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The Definition Of Prosperity


Today, prosperity is defined as a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition, especially in financial respects.  Fancy cars, lavish homes, designer clothes are all signs of a thriving condition, but so too are loving relationships, good health and overall feelings of happiness.  Although we all have slightly different ideas about what it means to be prosperous, the literal meaning of prosperity is quite different than today’s definition.  Prosperity literally means to “go forward hopefully.” 


The Key To Prosperity


The real key to manifesting prosperity, then, lies in our beliefs about what we deserve, expect, or hope to receive.  Thoughts, feelings and beliefs about money, love, and success all stem from early childhood influences.  Therefore, to prosper, we must begin to awaken to our unconscious beliefs about what we believe we deserve.  When we choose to become consciously aware of limiting beliefs and feelings and exchange them for positive affirmations, we rid ourselves of our obstacles to prosperity.  Instead of unconsciously resisting what we want because we don’t believe we deserve it, we go in hope, in full expectation, of receiving all we desire.  Hope is the catalyst for manifesting what we want.


“Just once a day, imagine the life you dream of.  Believe that it can be yours in this world of magic and miracles.  Choose to live as if you know of its inevitable manifestation.  Don’t compromise. Don’t worry.  Don’t look for results.  And as surely as spirit crafts one moment after another, so too will it fuse together the life you now lead with the life of your dreams as if they were two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, destined to become one.”

Mike Dooley


How To Manifest Prosperity


You cannot create a life of prosperity by focusing on what you do not yet have. 

You have to be willing to let go of the negative thoughts, and you have to believe that prosperity abounds.  Sounds too easy, right?  Well, be forewarned.  Once you start paying attention to your thoughts, you will see, with shocking dismay, how many of your thoughts are negative, sticky like wet dough, and not so easy to instantly remove!  It takes a little “reprogramming” to change your thinking, but you can’t change what you don’t know exists, right?  So, begin by paying attention to your thoughts about prosperity, wealth, abundance, money, etc. 


For the next seven days, carry a journal and jot down (without judgment, of course) the recurrent thoughts that seem negative, or at best, unhelpful.  After writing down the negative thought, turn it into a positive affirmation.  For example, if you think, “I am not smart enough to achieve x,” turn that thought into, “I am capable and willing to learn all I need to accomplish x.” And expect fully that you will learn all you need to achieve what you desire.


“We decide what we want to see before we see it.  We receive what we request.”  Marianne Williamson


So today, go forward in hope and commit to manifesting prosperity in your life now by becoming aware of your thoughts, jotting them down, flipping them into positive affirmations, and completely expecting them to appear in reality.


Want more tips in manifesting a masterpiece of a life?  Go to The Law of Attraction for Step 2 in manifesting prosperity.


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