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Sound Healing

Sound Healing


What is sound healing?


Sound healing is a natural healing therapy that has been used cross-culturally for centuries for inner healing and relaxation. The healing energy of sound helps us to reach goals, expand the mind, and promotes overall reconnective healing.



Sound healing using music for healing is the most common form of sound healing, but sound healing techniques vary, ranging from Tibetan, to Bio-tuning, computer voice analysis, to chakra balancing. Sound healing is often used for meditation, learning, and to stimulate productivity. The natural healing nature of sound is also being explored and used for medical healing, as can be seen with music therapy. Using music in healing has been proven to help to reduce stress, create a deep sense of peace, and reduce pain.


Sound therapy and music therapy can bring about transformational healing – we invite you to explore our sound healing topics.


One of the leading experts in sound healing is Hay House author, Jonathan Goldman.

Where To Start


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