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Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation


What Is Transcendental Meditation?


Transcendental Meditation is a meditation technique practiced twice a day, morning and evening, for 20 minutes while sitting comfortably with the eyes closed. During this time, the practitioner meditates as their mental awareness of all life’s stresses settles down, their body becomes deeply relaxed, and their mind transcends mental activities, reaching nothing but open awareness or consciousness, enabling creativity and problem solving.



Simple, fast and easy, transcendental meditation is practiced by millions worldwide to reduce stress and increase problem-solving capabilities. In fact, many people practice transcendental meditation without knowing it or without having taken a meditation class at a meditation center.


With transcendental meditation, accumulated stress and fatigue dissolve while the body and mind are at rest, and the creative, organizing, problem-solving capabilities of the mind are naturally given a boost, preparing and setting-up the practitioner to achieve more success. We encourage you to explore our transcendental meditation materials for your own enlightenment.

Where To Start


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