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gabrielle bernstein

Sun through a wave tunnel
There Has Never Been A Bigger Need To Let Go
Gabrielle  Bernstein
Gabrielle Bernstein Sep 12, 2016 at 04:15 PM

The part of me that wants to be in control doesn’t like the word hope. To my fearful mind, hope implies that there’s something I’m unable to make happen on my own. While full story

Woman in flower field
Simple Techniques For Stress Relief
Gabrielle  Bernstein
Gabrielle Bernstein Apr 08, 2014 at 09:15 PM

Right now we’re in a special and powerful position, because the world is having a spiritual awakening. When energy speeds up there is no space for playing small, and full story

Overcoming Your Fears And Guilt
Living A Course In Miracles
Gabrielle  Bernstein
Gabrielle Bernstein Apr 25, 2016 at 05:00 AM

For 20 years I kept a journal. I wrote about heartbreak, anxiety, and eating disorders. I wrote about trying to quit drugs while high on drugs. Pages and pages are full story

Practicing A Course in Miracles
Gabrielle  Bernstein
Gabrielle Bernstein Jan 05, 2014 at 09:00 AM

You may have read the title of this article and thought, “Man, that sounds groovy—but it’s nothing but a pipe dream.” Many of us long for a life of happiness, balance full story

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