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Discover Mindfulness Right Now With These Tips From Paddy Brosnan
Paddy Brosnan
Paddy Brosnan Oct 30, 2018 at 04:00 AM

Many of us experience moments of living with ease where we can have peace of mind. We may not always notice them, but they are there. These moments have several full story

Girl Looking backwards
How To Push The Reset Button Once And For All
davidji Dec 11, 2017 at 04:30 PM

There are times in our life when we need to reset our course, reinvent ourselves, recalibrate our circumstances, and establish a new trajectory. These are the defining full story

A woman meditating in a field
Incorporate Meditation Into Your Life With These Tips From Matteo Pistono
Matteo Pistono
Matteo Pistono Oct 17, 2017 at 08:45 AM

I sometimes ask people, “What is meditation?” I receive an amazing range of responses. Those who have experience of meditating will often describe an activity that full story

A dandelion loses its petals in the breeze
Take Back Control Of Your Emotions With These Tips From Sandy Newbigging
Heal Your Life
Heal Your Life Mar 02, 2017 at 09:00 AM

Whether it’s getting angry at someone pushing in to the line at the store or getting teary-eyed while watching the evening news, it’s sometimes easy to feel like we’re full story

Friends out for a walk
Become Fully Engaged And Improve The Quality Of Your Life
Sarah  McLean
Sarah McLean Feb 06, 2017 at 04:45 PM

The questions that follow are designed to illuminate your ability to manage your attention as you notice what you pay attention to, how you pay attention, and the full story

Woman on yoga mat looking at the ocean
The Founder Of Strala Yoga Explains Her Revolutionary Approach
Tara Stiles
Tara Stiles Aug 02, 2016 at 03:15 PM

High-level performance of all sorts, mental and physical, is always accomplished with ease. Keep in mind: Ease doesn't mean things are easy. Ease is simply the approach. full story

A group of decorative Indian Diwali lamps
Awaken Your Spirit
Deborah  King
Deborah King May 31, 2016 at 11:15 AM

If someone asked you about the spiritual science of ancient India, what would you say? Would you recognize your own exposure to one of humankind’s earliest and richest full story

Slow Down And Center Yourself
davidji May 25, 2016 at 02:15 PM

The meditation that I’m most known for worldwide is probably the simplest one, and it’s called 16 Seconds. The reason I like it so much is because it is full story

woman on a beach
Tips To Deepen Your Meditation Practice
davidji Mar 02, 2017 at 07:15 AM

Most of what we know about meditation, we learned years ago from watching David Carradine in his role as “Grasshopper,” or Kwai Chang Caine, on the anachronistic TV show full story

candles on a zen pond
Brian Weiss Shares An Easy Fix For Some Of Life’s Common Worries
Brian L. Weiss M.D.
Brian L. Weiss M.D. Jan 30, 2017 at 07:45 AM

There are innumerable sources of stress stemming from events that we cannot control. But we do have control over our reactions to these events. Unfortunately, we full story


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