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Take Good Care of Your Body

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Take Good Care of Your Body

It will reward you with vibrant health.
Louise Hay
Louise Hay More by this author
Apr 14, 2013 at 10:00 AM

Do you believe that any of the following statements apply to you?

I get three colds every year.
My energy level is low.
I heal slowly.
My allergies act up constantly.
Heart dis-ease runs in my family.
I get one illness after another.
My back gives me constant pain.
These headaches never go away.
I’m always constipated.
I have sore feet.
I’m constantly hurting my body.

Be very clear that your body is always trying to maintain a state of optimal health, no matter how badly you treat it. If you take good care of your body, it will reward you with vibrant health and energy.

I believe that we contribute to every “illness” in our body. The body, as with everything else in life, is a mirror of our inner thoughts and beliefs. Our body is always talking to us, if we will only take the time to listen. Every cell within our bodies responds to every single thought we think.

When we discover what the mental pattern is behind an illness, we have a chance to change the pattern and, therefore, the dis-ease. Most people don’t want to be sick on a conscious level, yet every dis-ease that we have is a teacher. Illness is the body’s way of telling us that there’s a false idea in our consciousness. Something that we’re believing, saying, doing, or thinking is not for our highest good. I always picture the body tugging at us saying, “Please—pay attention!”

Sometimes people do want to be sick. In our society, we’ve made illness a legitimate way to avoid responsibility or unpleasant situations. If we can’t learn to say no, then we may have to invent a dis-ease to say no for us.

I read an interesting report a few years back. It stated that only 30 percent of patients follow their doctor’s instructions. According to Dr. John Harrison, author of the fascinating book Love Your Disease, many people go to doctors only to have their acute symptoms relieved—so that they can tolerate their dis-ease. It’s as if an unwritten, subconscious agreement exists between doctor and patient: The doctor agrees not to cure the patient if the patient pretends to do something about his or her condition. Also in this agreement, one person gets to pay, and the other becomes the authority figure…and so, both parties are satisfied.

True healing involves body, mind, and spirit. I believe that if we “cure” an illness yet do not address the emotional and spiritual issues that surround that ailment, it will only manifest again.

The Power of Affirmations

Here is an exercise to help you discover the power of written affirmations. Writing an affirmation can intensify its power. Write a positive affirmation about your health 25 times. You may create your own, or use one of the following:

My healing is already is process.
I listen with love to my body’s messages.
My health is radiant, vibrant, and dynamic now.
I am grateful for my perfect health.
I deserve good health.

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