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Talk to Your Angels

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Talk to Your Angels

Release common fears that block Divine messages.
Doreen Virtue
Doreen Virtue More by this author
Jun 11, 2010 at 10:00 AM

Since you (like everyone) have guardian angels, and because scientific studies show that intuition is an inherent human characteristic, you can have clear conversations with your angels. The first step is to address any fears so that they don’t block your Divine communications.

In my experience teaching angel-communication classes worldwide since 1996 to thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds, I’ve found that fear is the main factor that blocks us. Instead of ignoring the fears, though, it’s best to acknowledge and confront them. That way, they won’t have power over you.

Here are the most common fears (posed in the form of questions) that people face when they decide to speak to their angels. As you read the information here, notice if it triggers any bodily reaction within you, or any recognition of “This sounds like me!” Give any fears that you recognize to Heaven by imagining that each fear is surrounded by a ball of light, which you pass to the angels that circle you now. Feel the release as you hand over these fears.

  1. “Is it blasphemous to talk to angels?”
    This fear stems from some organized religions’ interpretation of spiritual texts. If you truly believe that you should only speak with God, Jesus, or some other spiritual being, then don’t violate that belief. To do so would cause unnecessary fear, and we certainly don’t want to add to that negative emotion.
    However, do consider this: The word angel means “Messenger of God.” Angels are gifts from the Creator who act like heavenly postal carriers, bringing messages to and from the Creator and the Created. They operate with Divine precision in delivering trustworthy guidance to us. And just like any gift, the giver (the Creator) wishes us to enjoy and use the gift. The Bible and other spiritual texts are filled with positive accounts of people talking to angels, and this natural phenomenon carries into the present day.
  2. “What if I don’t receive a message?”
    The number one reason why people become blocked with respect to angelic communication is that they try too hard to make something happen. Usually, that strain comes from the underlying fear that they won’t be able to hear their angels, or that maybe they don’t have any guardian angels.
    When contacting your angels, your experience will be influenced by your underlying beliefs. Holding fear-based thoughts will block you from clearly hearing your angels. However, maintaining an optimistic outlook will sharply enhance your angelic connections. The bottom line is: Don’t push, strain, or try to force anything to happen. Let God and the angels do all the work when sending your Divine messages. Your job is simply to be receptive, and to notice all of the impressions (thoughts, feelings, visions, or words) that come to you.
  3. “What if I’m wrong, or just making it up?”
    True Divine guidance is uplifting, inspiring, motivational, positive, and loving. Angel messages always mention how to improve something: an outlook, one’s health, relationships, the environment, the world, and so on. Angels generally repeat the message through your feelings, thoughts, visions, and hearing until you take the advised action. If you’re unsure if a message is real or not, wait awhile, as true Divine guidance repeats itself, while false guidance eventually fades away if ignored.
    Watch out for the very common “Impostor Phenomenon,” in which the ego tries to convince you that you’re not qualified to talk to angels and that you don’t have intuitive or psychic abilities. Know that this message is fear- or ego-based.
  4. “Isn’t it better for me to learn life’s lessons on my own?”
    Some people feel that they’re “cheating” by requesting Divine intervention. They believe that we’re supposed to suffer in order to learn and grow, and that we’re responsible for getting ourselves in and out of jams. Yet the angels say that while we can grow through suffering, we can grow even faster through peace. And our peacefulness inspires others in ways that suffering cannot.
    The angels won’t do everything for you, though. They’re more like teammates who ask you to pass the ball as you collectively move toward each goal. As you ask them for help, the angels will sometimes create a miraculous intervention. But more often, they’ll help you by delivering Divine guidance so that you can help yourself.
  5. “How can I be certain that I’m really speaking to an angel?”
    God, the archangels, ascended masters, and angels all speak in loving and positive words. They use phrasing such as you and we, as would anyone who was talking to you (while the ego will use the word I at the beginning of sentences). Your departed loved ones will use phrases, words, and mannerisms that are similar to those they employed when they were living.
    If you ever hear negative words from anyone, living or passed, stop talking to them and immediately pray for the assistance of Archangel Michael. He’ll escort lower energies away and protect you from negativity.

Talking with angels is a pleasant, uplifting experience. Whether you hear them, see them, feel their presence, or receive new insights, you’ll certainly enjoy connecting with them.

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