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Tears from Heaven

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Tears from Heaven

Will you recognize your deceased loved ones?
Brian L. Weiss M.D.
Brian L. Weiss M.D. More by this author
Sep 15, 2010 at 10:00 AM

In his song “Tears in Heaven,” Eric Clapton wonders whether his young son, who had tragically died in an accident, would know his name if they met in heaven.

His is a universal and ageless question. How will we recognize our loved ones? Will we know them, and will they know us, if and when we meet again, whether in heaven or on earth, once more in physical bodies?

Many of my patients just seem to know. When experiencing their past lives, they look into a soul companion’s eyes, and they know. Whether in heaven or on earth, they sense a vibration or energy, and it is the same as their loved one’s. They glimpse the deeper personality, and there is an inner knowing—a knowing from the heart. A connection is made.

Because it is the heart’s eyes that often see first, words alone cannot convey the confidence of soul recognition. There is no wavering or confusion. Even though the body may be very different from the current one, the soul is the same. The soul is recognized, and the recognition is complete and beyond any doubt.

Sometimes soul recognition may originate in the mind and may occur even before the heart sees. This type of recognition happens most often with babies or young children. They exhibit some physical mannerism or unique behavior, they utter a word or phrase and a beloved parent or grandparent is instantly recognized. They may have an identical scar or birthmark as your loved one or perhaps just hold your hand or look at you in that same special way. You know.

In heaven, there are no birthmarks. Would Eric Clapton’s son help him there, the song asks. Would he hold Eric’s hand? Would he help him stand?

In heaven, where physical bodies are not needed, soul recognition may occur through an inner knowing, a sense of a loved one’s special energy, light or vibration. You feel them, in your heart. There is a deep and intuitive wisdom there, and you recognize them completely and immediately. They may even help you by assuming the body they had during their last incarnation with you. You see them as they appeared to you on earth, often younger and healthier.

Clapton concludes that he will find peace beyond heaven’s door.

Whether beyond the door to heaven, the door to remembering past lifetimes together, or the door leading to future lifetimes with your loved ones, you will never be alone. They will know your name. They will hold your hand. They will bring peace and healing to your heart.

Over and over, my patients, while deeply hypnotized, tell me that death is not an accident. When babies and young children die, we are given the opportunity to learn important lessons. They are teachers to us, teaching us about values, priorities, and most of all, about love.

Often the most important lessons arise from the most difficult times.

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