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Thank You for Giving to Those in Need

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Thank You for Giving to Those in Need

A Recap Of The Hay House World Summit
Louise Hay
Louise Hay More by this author
Jun 16, 2014 at 04:00 PM 3 comments

Dear Ones,

What a wonderful time we had during the Hay House World Summit! I so enjoyed playing these delightful programs on my iPad each day. Whether I was walking around the house or sitting on my patio, I could listen to my longtime friends who I haven’t heard in a while and also learn new lessons and tips from some of our many new authors. I enjoyed reading the many comments and posts from all of you about how much you appreciated this event. I will cherish all of these beautiful letters and photos and the stories you shared about how our personal experiences and wisdom have helped you in your healing journey. And I’m so glad to see so many of you doing your mirror work and following your inner ding!

Reid told me that because of all of you supporting the World Summit and signing up for premium registration, Hay House will donate $50,000 to my Hay Foundation. I am so pleased and so grateful to you, dear ones. My Hay Foundation was set up in 1986 to help support organizations around the world that supply food, shelter, counseling, education, hospice care and money to those in need. If you could follow your generous dollars to these organizations, you’d see that some of them land in the hands of a young child who has cancer, a devoted caregiver who brings meals to a terminal patient, a caring volunteer who runs a rehab center for at-risk teens, an artist who restores dignity among those with Alzheimer’s by teaching them how to paint and a coach who encourages an athlete with a missing limb that he can reach his goal.

Throughout these 30 years, I have learned about so many wonderful organizations who dedicate their time to helping others, and it makes me proud to tell you that 100 percent of your donations are given directly to the people in need. Whenever I’m asked why I do what I do, I always respond with the same answer: “To help people. And to give something back to those in need.” I am so grateful to all of our World Summit authors, all of our eager interviewers and my devoted staff at each of our Hay House offices. By coming together for this one event, we have stretched our arms across 221 countries and territories around the globe to hug more than 2 million new friends and dedicated supporters with healing wisdom and love and generously helped many people in need.What were your favorite moments of the Summit?  Leave a comment below!

Let’s affirm:  I envision people from all over the world coming together in peace and harmony.



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