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The 4 Pillars For Living In Harmony

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The 4 Pillars For Living In Harmony

An Easy Plan To Add More Bliss To Your Life
Christa O'Leary
Christa O'Leary More by this author
Nov 05, 2014 at 08:15 AM

Let me introduce you to the lifestyle I describe in my new book Home in Harmony. Imagine waking up in the morning revived, refreshed, and exuberant to face the day. As your eyes begin to focus, you look around your bedroom with sheer gratitude at the serene space you have created. It has fortified you with a good night’s sleep. You think of the many things for which you are grateful, setting the tone for the day. Jotting down these thoughts of appreciation acknowledges the grace in your life, which opens you to notice and receive even greater abundance. You take a few moments to visualize a day of ease and joy.

Before your feet even touch the floor, you drink a few glasses of water. You know this practice will help wake up your body, flush out toxins, and diminish a false sense of hunger. Hydrating your body also leads to radiant skin. As you finish your ten-minute routine of gracefully
getting out of bed, you feel inspired to greet the day, your kids, and your coworkers. You feel vibrantly alive, grounded, and clear.

Next, you engage in a routine of movement. Getting the blood pumping, sweating out toxins, losing weight, and stimulating “happy” hormones all contribute to a sense of joy that has a huge beneficial impact on your overall well-being. Paradoxically, this physical activity helps connect you to a deep stillness within. You move efficiently through your well-organized kitchen, filled with healthful, nutrient-dense superfoods that allow your body to run optimally and reduce your family’s chance of serious illness. As steam fills the shower, you take a deep breath, knowing that the water is free of toxins, the cleansers used to clean your bathroom are healthful and won’t release toxic off-gasses, and the shampoo and soap you are putting on your body are chemical-free. As you grab your towel and pat droplets of water from your face, you are cognizant that your linens are not coated with the synthetic chemicals found in most laundry detergents.

Easily and without much thought, you grab your keys, which are always located in the same spot—eliminating the frustration that comes from not being able to find the things needed in your daily routine. As you glance around, it is evident that your home environment supports you and your family. It is aesthetically pleasing; you love the colors and the artwork. You look forward to returning later in the day, when you will curl up on your cozy couch with a cup of tea and a good book.

Your day includes an array of appointments, commitments, and communications. You notice friends or colleagues heading to the vending machine or coffee shop for a pick-me-up. You also observe that you don’t have cravings for sugar or caffeine, which, in the past, would have given you a burst of energy and then left you crashing. Your energy remains vigorous and clear. If, at any point, you notice fogginess in your mind, you take a few minutes to breathe deeply and reconnect to the vibrancy within. Speaking of vibrancy, you glow! Your eyes sparkle with joy and vitality. Your radiance, which results from your inspired life, naturally and graciously magnetizes positive people and situations to you. Others want to be around you, new blessings show up, and experiences of abundance unfold.

Does all of this sound attainable? It is—and more! This is the Home in Harmony Lifestyle. This is the life I lead every day and the lifestyle I have taught to people who, in turn, have created their own magnificently inspired lives. My new book provides a clear guide for creating your inspired life. You will begin to notice which aspects of your current life are habitually toxic and destructive. Awakening your innate power of conscious decision making is the first step in designing your most fulfilled life.

The 4 “pillars,” or foundational elements, of the Home in Harmony Lifestyle are an inspired home, a healthy body, a calm mind, and inner light. Let’s take a quick look at these pillars:

1. An inspired home. Your home environment either nurtures you or drains your energy. You either walk into your house and say, “Thank goodness I’m home,” or you see distressing clutter and things that need to be fixed.
2. A healthy body. There is an old saying that if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything. Your physical health affects every other area of your life. It is important to create a body full of energy and vitality.
3. A calm mind. It is vital to find calm in the midst of our chaotic world, which seems to be moving faster and faster. Achieving a tranquil, clear mind is critical to leading your best life.
4. Inner light. Studies have shown that a critical component of attaining bliss is finding your life’s purpose and sharing it with the world.

My hope is that as you read my book and examine the current patterns of your life, you will begin to develop an awareness of negative habits. The Home in Harmony Lifestyle lets you replace these life-draining thoughts and actions with uplifting and life-giving routines. The book’s organization supports this goal. In the first chapter, we will examine the role of habits in your daily activities. Becoming aware of your habits is the first step in changing your life, because it gives you the power to make different choices. I will guide you toward creating an inspired home, attaining a healthy body, achieving a calm mind, and sharing your inner light joyously with the world.

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Christa O'Leary
Christa O'Leary, MA, MFT, founder and CEO of Home in Harmony Lifestyle, is an interior designer, marriage and family therapist, and green-living expert. She teaches people how to Design Inspired Living and has been featured on CBS, NBC, and Continue reading