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The Best ME There Is!

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The Best ME There Is!

Hay House
Dec 30, 2011 at 02:25 AM 0 comments

“Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions.” — Edgar Cayce

What do you get when you mix America’s Got Talent, Taylor Swift, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Hay House?  One heck of an amazing and memorable I Can Do It Conference!

Picture this: You’re heading out of your hotel to catch the I Can Do It opening keynote. When you get to the Tampa Convention Center, there are hundreds of people wrapped around the building dressed in sparkly and outlandish outfits and equipped with musical instruments and many bizarre props. They are rehearsing, singing, dancing, and bouncing all around with glee. There are clowns, cheerleaders, musicians, body builders, cellists, steel drummers, zombies, leprechauns, gymnasts, dance troupes, rockers. And someone that looked just like Elvis walks right past you!

Louise Hay takes the elevator to the second floor of the convention center to get to her morning keynote early and she’s stopped by a security team. “Ma’am,” one of them says, “you need to wait in this line for your audition.”

A dance troupe of enthusiastic young boys lugging African drums bigger than they can hold runs down the convention stairs and whirls past Doreen Virtue on her way to her workshop.

As I Can Do It attendees ride the hotel elevators to the lobby to return to the convention center to get their books autographed by their favorite Hay House authors, they are joined by flocks of teenage girls dressed in homemade t-shirts getting ready to listen to their favorite country singer—Taylor Swift.

When Gregg Braden sees that the “up” escalator isn’t working, he works his way up the stairs and right in front of one of the audition rooms for America’s Got Talent. For a split second, he wonders if he should have brought his guitar to this year’s I Can Do It event!

Our I Can Do It Conferences are usually filled with much enthusiasm and fanfare. But when America’s Got Talent tryouts are taking place in the same conference hall, a Taylor concert is bellowing a half a block away and the Tampa Bay Bucs are scoring points up the street, the energy level was off the scale and something magical began to happen.

Here in one building, we were every age, every size and every color. And together, we shared one dream…one hope…one passion…one wish. To be the BEST ME there is!

We send love to all those adorable little teens who met their country rock star idol. We send affirmations of success to all those fearless rock stars who tried out for America’s Got Talent and we applaud all those I Can Do It participants who sneaked away from the conference to land an audition!

You really never know what to expect when you attend an I Can Do It Conference!

Plan for I Can Do It 2012 now!

Enjoy these photos from this memorable event:

  1. Sonia Choquette shows how The Power of Spirit will move you to your feet during her pre-conference workshop on Friday morning at I Can Do It Tampa.
  2. Participants at Cheryl Richardson and Reid Tracy’s Writer’s Workshop Intensive are all smiles Friday morning when Wayne Dyer makes a surprise guest appearance.
  3. Here’s Louise Hay backstage as she gets miked for her opening keynote Saturday morning on You Can Create an Exceptional Life.
  4. After a day of workshops and meeting fans, Colette Baron-Reid, John Holland and Denise Linn relax and have fun at a special Author’s Dinner Saturday night.
  5. There was a lot of activity at the Exhibitors Booth during I Can Do It Tampa. Here, Jean Haner gives a face reading for one of our attendees.
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