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The Colors of Summer

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The Colors of Summer

Louise Hay
Louise Hay
Louise Hay More by this author
Aug 15, 2012 at 02:30 AM 0 comments

During the summer, I take every chance I can to play in my garden. This is a time when I can admire all of the magnificent flowers, vegetables and plants around me and see how well they are growing and how happy they look in full color and bloom.

Let’s celebrate all the nature around us today and let’s center ourselves to be in harmony with nature and all of life.

Say this meditation with me now:

I am in harmony with all of Life—the sun, the moon, the winds, the rain, the earth, and the movement of the earth. The power that resettles the earth is my friend. I am at peace with the elements. Nature’s elements are my friends. I am flexible and flowing. I am always safe and secure. I know that no harm can come to me.

If there is anything you are fearful of today, find an image of something you really love: flowers, a special song, a rainbow, a beautiful place—whatever. Let that be the image you envision every time you start to feel afraid.

Let’s affirm: I am safe. It’s only change. All is well.

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