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The F Word: It’s not profanity but it is profound

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The F Word: It’s not profanity but it is profound

Kyle Gray explains the importance of forgiveness
Kyle  Gray
Apr 17, 2015 at 07:15 AM

There’s one F word that pops up in spirituality more than most, and I’m not talking about a profanity, but something more profound – Forgiveness. It’s not a particularly easy subject because at some point we’ve all been hurt, let down, or even worse, traumatized. 

When I started to delve deep into spirituality in my teens I used an angel card deck every day. These cards became my daily spiritual practice and they helped me begin to understand and acknowledge many spiritual words, like ‘manifestation’, ‘miracles’, and finally, ‘forgiveness’.

Years went by and forgiveness was always a part of my practice, but in all truth I never quite understood the gifts it offered me or those I worked with. For me, forgiveness seemed to be about letting go of something that was bothering you, but not necessarily forgetting. I knew that although I had things in my life that required forgiveness, there was a part of me that wasn’t entirely grasping the whole idea.

It was last March when my initiation to forgiveness took place. I was in the bath reading my friend Meggan Watterson’s book, Reveal. I loved the book and I loved the idea of getting ‘spiritually naked’ so there felt no better place to read it than in the bath. Feeling safe in my skin and loving my body had always been a challenge for me – I had been an overweight teenager and these challenges followed me into my early twenties. But here I was, feeling safe in my skin and getting spiritually naked – honoring my body and soul.

I put the book down and decided to meditate while enjoying the scent of the rose oil I had in the bath that night and the flickering candles that surrounded me. I began to breathe with my eyes closed and felt myself drifting into a light, trancelike state. I saw myself in this bright, ruby-red cave. I felt a warmth within, but I also felt this intense emotion building up within my core. I looked up and saw a figure, standing before me and staring into my being. It was a female – she was draped in a beautiful red cloak. I knew she was Mary Magdalene. I then heard this strong message: ‘Welcome to the cave of your heart! I am here to help you write the book on forgiveness!’ – and then I woke up.


That night I went into a deep sleep, and it was almost like this transference of information and knowledge about forgiveness was passed into my soul. I can only describe it as a divine transmission. I recognized something so important – that forgiveness isn’t just something we do or say – it is not an act or a deed. Forgiveness is a state of mind and it’s a state of being. This miraculous shift in our perceptions helps us radically change the way we think. It’s a conscious choice to move back into a state of love.

Forgiveness isn’t about letting someone away with their choices or bad behavior in our life. It’s about us choosing to no longer be affected by someone else’s – or even our own – wrongdoing. It’s basically acknowledging an old story and writing a new one – except it’s a story of love.

Mary Magdalene and her angels became the guides for my work and my new book, Wings of Forgiveness. Through my experiences and encounters with them I came to write the Principles of Forgiveness that I’d like to share with you now. 

The Principles of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a deeply profound acceptance of your holiness.

Forgiveness is the total acceptance that we are all equal.

Forgiveness is honoring the divine in others and ourselves.

Forgiveness is the moment you step back into your true self.

Forgiveness is the moment you let love be your source of power.

Forgiveness is the welcome home to peace.

Forgiveness is the awakening of your inner vision.

Forgiveness is a celebration – the angels dance with joy.

Forgiveness is remembering your innocence.

Forgiveness is loving yourself enough not to accept bad behavior.

Forgiveness is when someone else’s errors no longer affect your happiness.

Forgiveness is the opening to a love that’s ever-present.

Forgiveness digests toxicity and initiates healing.

Forgiveness is the remembering that you can never really be hurt for nothing can tarnish your soul.

Are you ready and willing to forgive?

Watch Kyle reading a prayer to help banish nightmare thoughts from Wings of Forgiveness in this video:

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