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The Four “Clairs”

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The Four “Clairs”

Which one are you?
Doreen Virtue
Doreen Virtue More by this author
Apr 10, 2012 at 10:00 AM

Because you have guardian angels with you continuously, you receive angelic messages every moment of every day. The question isn’t whether your angels talk to you, but whether you notice their communications. That’s because angels may speak to you in ways that differ from your expectations.

Angels, along with other Heavenly beings, communicate in four ways:

  1. Through visions: This applies to things that you see mentally or with your physical eyes; what you see in dreams; signs that appear before you; seeing flashing or sparkling lights; sensing light orbs in photographs; seeing moving objects; or noticing number sequences repeatedly such as 444 or 111. This is called clairvoyance, which means “clear seeing.”
  2. Through feelings: These are emotions that come out of the blue, such as joy, excitement, and compassion; physical feelings disconnected to the physical world, such as feeling suddenly warm or feeling changes in air temperature or air pressure; sensing a spiritual presence; feeling as if someone has touched you; or smelling an essence with no physical origin, such as flowers or smoke. This is called clairsentience, which means “clear feeling.”
  3. Through thoughts: This is when you know something without knowing how you know; receiving an “Aha!” revelation; being able to fix an item without instructions; having very wise words come through your speech or writings, as if someone else gave them to you; getting a great idea for a new invention, business, or product; and experiencing “I knew that!” thoughts after something occurs. This is called claircognizance, which means “clear thinking.”
  4. Through sounds: This refers to hearing your name called as you awaken; celestial-sounding music from out of nowhere; a warning from a disembodied voice; overhearing a conversation or radio/TV program that gives you the exact information you need; a loving message in your mind or outside one ear; or a high-pitched ringing sound. This is called clairaudience, which means “clear hearing.”

What’s Your “Primary Clair”?

While the angels talk to us in a combination of the four ways—visions, feelings, thoughts, and sounds—one of these channels is strongest for you. We call this your “primary clair.” The other three clairs amplify and augment this primary means of angelic communication.

You’ve probably heard that some people are highly visual, while others are more auditory or kinesthetic, and so on. These individual styles reflect how you take in the material world with your physical senses, as well as how you receive and notice Divine communication.
To discover your primary clair, think about the following scenarios and then answer the question (choose only one response for each):

When you initially meet someone new, what’s the first thing you tend to notice about the person?

a. The way the person looks, such as clothing, hair, teeth, shoes, or general attractiveness

b. How you feel around the person, such as being comfortable, amused, safe, and so on

c. Whether you find the person interesting, or believe this may be someone who can help you out in your career

d. The sound of the person’s voice or laughter

Think back on a vacation you took. What stands out most in your memory?

a. The beautiful sights of nature, the architecture, or something that you witnessed

b. The peaceful, romantic, restful, or exhilarating feelings associated with the trip

c. The important and interesting cultural and/or historical information that you learned while traveling

d. The sweet silence, the crashing surf, the chirping birds, the rustling leaves, music, or some other sound

Recall a movie that you truly enjoyed. When you think of that film, what comes to mind first?

a. The attractive actors and actresses, the lighting, the costumes, or the scenery

b. The way the movie made you laugh, cry, or moved you in some other regard

c. The interesting plot, or the life lessons that you or the movie’s characters learned during the story

d. The musical score or the sound of the actors’ and actresses’ voices

Note your answers to the above questions. Most likely, you’ve answered two or three questions with the same letter, which signifies your primary clair, or the dominant way in which you process information about the physical and spiritual world.

This is what the answers mean:

Mostly “a” answers signify clairvoyance:

Your angels speak to you through mental images; signs that you witness with your physical eyes.

Mostly “b” answers signify clairsentience:

Your angels speak to you through your heart and body.

Mostly “c” answers signify claircognizance:

Your angels speak to you through wordless impressions that you receive in your mind.

Mostly “d” answers signify clairaudience:

Your angels speak to you with words that you hear inside or outside your mind.

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