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The Garden of Your Mind

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The Garden of Your Mind

Louise Hay
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Jun 29, 2011 at 03:45 AM 0 comments

As we head into summer,  I thought I would write about the connection with the garden of our minds and the gardens we tend.

As I work in my garden, enriching the soil, planting, harvesting and recycling I feel this oneness, this unity. I take a small section of hard, unproductive earth, filled with weeds and slowly transform it into rich loam that will support life in all its many forms. It’s like taking a portion of our mind that is filled with destructive thoughts and patterns and nourishing it so that it can create and support healthy, positive experiences.

We heal our minds. We heal our souls. We heal our soils. We help create a healthy planet where we can all prosper and live with joy and ease. It’s not until we love ourselves that we can accomplish this healing. It’s not until we love and become in tune with nature that we can turn our earth into fertile gardens. When you see the earthworm in your garden, you will know that you have created an environment that will support life.

Deep in the center of my being there is an infinite well of all that I shall ever need. I am one with all of life. I am in tune with the seasons, with the weather, the soil, the vegetation, and each and every creature that dwells on the earth and in the oceans and flies in the air. It cannot be otherwise. We all use the same air, soil and water. We are totally interdependent on each other.

And so it is! 

Let’s affirm: I am part of the ever-flowing abundance of the Universe.

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