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The Gender Bender

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The Gender Bender

Loretta LaRoche
Loretta LaRoche More by this author
Feb 22, 2012 at 03:00 AM 0 comments

I’ve had several relationships and can testify how differently men and women think. These differences have become the foundation for a lot of today’s sitcoms.

Here are some behaviors I’ve learned to laugh about: 

  • A man will open the refrigerator door and swear up and down that he can’t find whatever he’s looking for. But he has no trouble finding his favorite sports show on the tube. 
  •  A woman will discuss a topic over and over again and add every subtle nuance as if she were trying to script an Academy Award-winning film. A man, on the other hand, will simply look bewildered and wonder, “Why can’t she simply get to the point?”  
  •  A woman will get in the car and immediately think of where she might wander around to do some shopping. And she will always make sure she knows where the nearest restroom is. 
  •  A man will resemble a camel when it comes to his bathroom habits, at least until he get older. 
  •  A woman’s goal is to gather information no matter where she is so she can share it with her women friends. She will always bring home some little treasure to remind her of her journey. 
  •  When a man goes to a hardware store for a hammer, he will not call his friends to go with him so they can try it out before they buy it. And he won’t come back with more than he set out to buy. 
  •  A man will not get overly concerned over making beds, making sure the house is clean when company comes over, or putting toilet seats down.

Of course not every man or woman fits into these categories, but I can bet that a great majority do.

Lighten Up Your Week:

Remember, what annoys us about each other can become a great way to connect—if we stop taking each other so seriously and admit that sometimes our habits are a joke! 

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