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The Great Recipe of Life

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The Great Recipe of Life

Here’s what’s cooking for 2012.
Dennis  Fairchild
Dennis Fairchild More by this author
Jan 08, 2012 at 09:00 AM

In many places, the outside January air is cold and bracing, while the indoor air is warm and aromatic—filled with smells of goodies baking in the oven, burning firewood, and authentic hope. January casts her magic spell for a new chapter eager to be written, helping us to tune in to the delicious sweetness of life, and inviting us to bring order into our home, and within ourselves. It's time to stop chewing the fat— take inventory of your reliance on beliefs that made good sense once upon a time but that are now irrelevant or counterproductive, and get cooking with all four burners. In 2012, talk won't cook the rice.

The spirit of the Kitchen Tarot understands that our three basic needs for food, security, and love are so entwined that it's impossible not to think of one without the other. Like ingredients on a recipe card, each tarot card serves up a buffet of tips concerning your home and the welfare of its inhabitants. Every day, month, and year is represented by a specific card, and January 2012's is number 14: The Blender. The Blender is concerned with mixing only healthy elements into your life: taking time to balance everything just right, and not going to extremes. Card 14 teaches that if something is disturbing you, regard the situation as merely one ingredient in the great recipe that's Life. Is there a healthier substitute? This month, make the smallest details of your life reflect your highest ideals.

January's Blender hums the time for respecting efforts, more than results, and asks you to be hungrier for meaning than for specific outcome. Regard any setback at this time as a hiccup, not a pathological distraction.

Sometimes it takes repeated attempts to get a pasta sauce spiced just right. Be grateful for last year's interesting difficulties, and acknowledge how much smarter they made you.

It's time to lose any attachment you have to pleasure and rewards that won't mean much to you a year from now. Ever notice that there is a direct correlation between the days when you're feeling depressed and the days when the house is in disarray?

Here’s January’s Kitchen Tarot feng shui tip: If you want to attract fresh and stimulating social opportunities throughout 2012, then invest some energy in your main entry closet. Scrub the closet floor, give the hardware a good polish, treat the pole to new hangers, and donate least favorite coats and scarves to charity. Invite Divine Order into your life today, and more serene tomorrows will unfold.

The Blender whips up promises of new growth after spiritual drought, and dubs January the best time for recovering your equilibrium and health, and making a commitment to sobriety and emotional stability. Be purposeful and grand this month— don't bite off more than you can chew or behave like a blender set on high without a lid. Liquefy any lumps that threaten to sour your domestic peace and aren't cutting the mustard. Perseverance and integrity make for a winning recipe in 2012. Sip and savor your inner strength, and be of good cheer every day this new year.

The Blender's January Affirmation is: Focus and concentration are the key ingredients for my happiness and success.

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