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The Healing Benefits of Water

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The Healing Benefits of Water

Do you know about this amazing river of life?
Glennie  Kindred
Glennie Kindred More by this author
Nov 15, 2013 at 09:00 AM

OUR BEAUTIFUL PLANET is full of Water. Water keeps everything in motion, replenished and cleansed. The oceans of our world keep us all connected. Water is the fertile force of life—Water of life, life-giving Water. In ancient legend, Water is the creative force that brings forth life, healing, youthfulness, and immortality. We all begin life swimming in the amniotic fluid of our mothers’ wombs and our bodies are 75 percent water.

 The Magical Power of Water

Water has many forms and many voices. It speaks to us from the mountain streams, the waterfalls, the rivers and the sea. We rest by rivers and lakes. We find stillness and fulfillment beside Water can be life-giving, yet it can be destructive, as flood sweeps away everything in its path.

Water is a magical and mutable force which can dissolve rock and metal, turn solid into liquid and back again. It can become ice and create mighty tracts of land and it can evaporate into steam or condensation and be gone, only to reappear as Water again.

Water and the Moon are linked in an endless cycle of gravitational pull, creating the rhythmic swell and ebb of the oceans’ tides. The Moon pulls on the Water in our bodies and can bring emotional instability, but this helps us to stay in touch with our feelings. Our watery nature helps our emotions to flow, keeping us healthy. It is important for our heath that we express our emotions. Blocked emotional energy is often the root of ill health. We shed tears of sorrow, tears of laughter, tears of joy and tears of pain. Tears bring release. Don’t hold back your tears!

 The Healing Properties of Water

Our watery emotions bring us deep insights into ourselves. When our cup flows over we feel blessed an abundant. We ride the crest of a wave when things are going well and we sink when things go badly. We throw coins into Water for good luck.

When we share our feelings with others we become closer and clearer in our friendships and understanding of each other. Water connects us to our deep unconscious selves, to Universal Love and the deep mystery of our soul purpose. Through love and compassion we touch the depths of our souls.

Water is never still; it is always seeking its own level. It flows, swirls, gathers momentum, spirals, eddies and always takes the path of least resistance. It becomes blocked, it builds up until it bursts the confines of the blockage, generating new energy from the Waters held back.

The Many Benefits of Water

In the past wells were revered as Water passages to the womb on the Earth. They were of prime importance to any house, community or village and were blessed and dressed with flowers in the Spring to give thanks to the life-giving Waters. Offerings were made to the Spirits of Water to ensure good luck, good health and protection.

Water has a memory and is alive. It will hold an imprint sent from our thoughts. We can bless water, consecrate Water and change its molecular structure by our thoughts and prayers. Water can be used for cleansing, purifying, renewing, refreshing and revitalizing. It can be used for baptism, as a symbolic act of renewal and rebirth, to wash away and release the past, to dissolve past hurts and old rigid patterns, to help us let go of our deepest fears, to banish negativity and to consecrate.

Drink Healthy Spring Water

Try not to drink Water from our taps. It has no vitality left in it and contains harmful chemicals that could have an adverse effect upon us. Drink at least one glass of spring Water before and after any healing work to help conduct the healing energy around the body. Drink plenty of spring Water when you are not well, if you are studying and during any mental or physical work.

In the Celtic tradition, Water is the West, the place of the setting Sun and the beginning of night. On the Wheel of the Year, Water is at the Autumn Equinox. Here we turn within to nurture our inner selves and plant our personal seeds for the future. Water represents the heart, receptivity, the unconscious, flow, our emotions, and cleansing.

Excerpted from Earth Wisdom by Glennie Kindred. Copyright © 2012 (Hay House).


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