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The Heavenly A-Team

Archangels to the rescue!
Doreen Virtue
Doreen Virtue More by this author
Jun 05, 2013 at 10:00 AM

Traditionally, people think of the four archangels as Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Uriel. However, only two are named in the traditional Bible. Muslims hold that there are four archangels: Gabriel, Michael, Azrael, and Raphael.

The Bible’s Book of Revelation tells us that there are seven archangels, and in the noncanonical Book of Tobit, Raphael says he is one of seven. The Gnostics also held seven archangels in esteem. Historians believe that the number seven comes from the Babylonians’ blend of religion and astronomy, with reverence for the seven planets’ mystical powers.

Which seven archangels make this list, though, differs from source to source. And that’s not even taking into account that each archangel’s name has alternative spellings and pronunciations.

In the Judaic mystical Kabbalah, ten archangels represent each of the Sephiroth, or aspects of God. Metatron is the chief archangel in this tradition.

So the topic of how many archangels exist can be confusing and subjective. In truth, there are legions of archangels helping us here on Earth. In fact, Eastern Orthodox theology holds that there are thousands. My prayer is that we will be open-minded and welcome trustworthy archangels into our sphere of spiritual friends.

Archangel Michael

Michael is probably the most famous of all the archangels. He’s been sainted, churches are named for him, he features prominently in the Bible and other sacred texts, and countless men are named after him.

Ancient and modern artwork portray Michael as a muscular, athletic archangel with intensely powerful facial expressions and body language. Usually he’s painted with his sword poised above a pinned-down demon. This is to signify Michael’s primary purpose of slaying the ego and fear.

His sword is actually made of light instead of metal, and is used to detach us from the grips of fear. Michael knows that if we aren’t afraid, we’re at peace.

Some believe that Michael and Jesus are the same Divine son of God because they have such similar missions. I’ve found that the two work very closely together, yet still maintain distinct personas. In my historical psychic research, I found evidence of Jesus and Michael working together, as Earth was originally populated by humans. They’ve always been here on Earth, and they always will be . . . protecting all of us, as well as the planet.

Michael is also a patron saint of the sick, and traditionally was seen as a great healer. He is often invoked along with Jesus, Raphael, and other saints associated with healing physical maladies.

Each archangel has a speciality; and some, like Michael, have several. His include the protection, life-purpose guidance, repairing necessary items.

Archangel Raphael

Raphael has long been regarded as the angel of healing. His name may be derived from the Hebrew word Rophe, which means “medicine doctor”; or Rapach, which means “God heals the soul.”

In Catholicism, he is Saint Raphael, the patron of physicians, travelers, and matchmakers. Raphael appears by name in the Book of Tobit. His name also appears in another Dead Sea Scroll text, the Book of Enoch, in which his role upon earth is described as “one of the holy angels, who is over the spirits of men.” In this book, the Lord charges Raphael with the task of healing the earth of the mess made by some fallen angels and giants, binding and casting out a demon, helping all of the children, and saving the world from corruption. Archangel Raphael is still focused on this mission today.

As the patron saint of physicians, Raphael helps both traditional and alternative healers. If you feel called to one of these professions, you can ask Raphael to help you decide which branch of healing work you’d most enjoy and excel in. Notice any books that mysteriously fall off bookshelves around you, as that’s usually a sign from Raphael.

At your request, the archangel can also help you to select a school and obtain the time and money for your healing education. Upon graduation, he’ll assist you with securing a healing practice or other outlet for your work in your chosen area. Raphael can help you attract wonderful clients as well.

In Islamic scriptures, Raphael is known as Israfel, the archangel who is destined to blow a large horn twice to signal Judgment Day. Legend holds that Raphael’s original name was Labbiel. When Labbiel sided with God about the creation of humans, the Lord rewarded the angel by changing his name to Raphael.

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