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The Importance Of Reconnecting With Your Divine Feminine Wisdom

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The Importance Of Reconnecting With Your Divine Feminine Wisdom

Love Your Body And Rediscover Your SHE Power
Lisa Lister
Lisa Lister More by this author
Jul 08, 2016 at 11:45 AM

Meet SHE within your beautiful, imperfectly messy you-ness rather than looking outside yourself for the answers and you will always, always, always find the truth. Any neediness you may experience in everyday life will lessen and your insecurity will weaken.

But you have to be willing to go there.

Now, I’ve been working with my SHE power for over a decade, but that doesn’t mean for one moment that I’ve got it totally figured out. As I’ve been writing my new book, Love Your Lady Landscape, BIG questions have come up for me about my experiences as a woman, an author, a wife, a potential mumma, a businesswoman, a lover and all the other titles we’re offered up.

It’s been an interesting time.

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Interesting is code for messy, emotional, heart-hurt-y’ with lots of swearing and shouting. Just so you know.

It has stirred a puddle of dark fears and rage that had been lying dormant at the bottom of what, on the surface, looked pretty clear. When that happens, you have a choice.

1.    Get yogic and observe the ripples; watch as the shit rises to the top – fears, concerns, anxiety – and acknowledge that you are not the fears, concerns or anxiety.


2.    Sack off all you’ve ever learnt in a yoga class or self-help book and dive into the muddy puddle and have it out with the Divine.

What can I say? I love a good mud wrestle.

No matter what any guru/author/teacher may tell you, it’s totally necessary to get down and dirty with the grit of being a woman, yet so many of us are afraid to go there. We’re worried by what might happen if we allow ourselves to feel rage, anger and grief in every fibre of our being for as long as we need to.

We don’t dare to descend. We’re fearful of poking around in the darker and difficult parts of our personalities.

Yet the whole point of descent is to work through our shit, integrate what we learn and rise happier and wiser and a little bit more awesome than we were before. It’s the heroine’s journey – the ancient story of the Goddess Inanna.

It is the female initiation. Except, ancient female rites and rituals have been replaced with saccharine-sweet tales of happily ever after and back-to-back episodes of the Kardashians because we live in a culture where emotion is often labelled as ‘dangerous’, ‘crazy’, ‘hysterical’ or ‘irrational’ – so we put as much distance between ourselves and what we feel as we possibly can.

We find our favourite ways to numb out. (Mine is sugar and reality TV.)

We push down the dark stuff because we’re told to ‘think positively’.

We go off looking for ourselves in therapy, in exotic locales, in relationships with totally inappropriate people we know are no good for us, carrying designer handbags and wearing pretty shoes.

And we wonder who we are.

We turn down our light and are nice and likeable. We’re told that if we express ourselves fully by shouting, screaming and climaxing, we’re wild and uncontrollable. In the words of Isadora Duncan:

‘You were wild once here. 
Don’t let them tame you.’

But the truth is, we have been tamed. We’re heavy with the shame and guilt carried by our lineage. It’s why we talk about periods and sex and pleasure in hushed tones. It’s why we don’t trust our own gut. It’s why we rely on the media to dictate how we think and feel about others and ourselves. It’s why we numb our pain with excessive food, drugs or alcohol. It’s why we compete with our sisters and feel resentment and animosity when their life – played out through pictures on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter – looks better than ours.

One thing I know for sure is that at the bottom of each of our puddles, there is an underlying rage — which belongs to our mumma, our g-mumma, our gg-mumma – and it needs to be stirred, felt, experienced and expressed.

Now, I totally get non-attachment and that by rolling in the mud I’m going to make messy handprints all over the whitewashed walls on the way to spiritual enlightenment, but what my mud wrestles with Kali teach me each time and time again is that I need to fully experience being this woman — the pain, the anger, the joy, the pleasure, the mess, the dirt.

I am woman, and I WILL freakin’ roar.

I dare you to feel it.

I dare you to experience it.

I dare you to express it.


Get down and dirty with the grit of being you.

Invite Kali Ma to play – she plays rough but it’s with the love of the great mumma – and dare to go there. From that place then go on to create, love, start a business, have sex, write a book, dance, sing, travel. The world is missing women who are willing to live life
belly-deep in the mud and grit of what it really is to be a woman.

How do you know when you’ve connected with your SHE power?

You’ll feel connected and fully in your power. You’ll breathe slowly. You’ll feel nourished and full up, regardless of what’s going on in your external world, and exude a confidence that comes straight from your core, the kind that simply cannot be manufactured.

Not living your truth, not connecting with your SHE power, looks and feels a lot like this:

·    Comparing yourself to others.

·    Bitching or complaining.

·    Trying to be something you’re not.

·    Frantic, anxious or overwhelmed.

·    Bingeing on food, alcohol, drugs, your social media stream or TV as a coping mechanism.

This will show up differently for each of us, but knowing the difference between the two will help you to know when you’re aligned with your SHE power and when you’re not.


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Lisa Lister
Lisa Lister is a writer and a menstrual, fertility and reproductive health practitioner. She is the founder of the SHE Flow system, which invites women to celebrate the fiercely feminine, sensual pleasure of being a woman through movement, ma Continue reading