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The Key To Losing Weight Fast

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The Key To Losing Weight Fast

Are Carb Cravings Sabotaging Your Diet?
Jorge  Cruise
Jorge Cruise More by this author
Mar 24, 2015 at 01:45 PM

We now know what hidden sugar does to your body: it grows belly fat. Sugar grows belly fat, ages you inside and out, and lays the foundation for three of the biggest killers in our modern era: heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. That single fact is the central, revolutionary truth at the heart of my book The Belly Fat Cure™. My Fast Track edition of The Belly Fat Cure™ goes on to look more closely at insulin-stimulating sugar in all its forms.

It takes little imagination to understand that simple carbohydrates (street name: sugar) and complex carbohydrates (street name: carbs) are really slightly different versions of the same thing. If you read your food labels, you will notice that sugar is counted twice: first as sugar and then again as carbohydrates, because sugar is a form of carbohydrate. Even though complex carbohydrates impact insulin to a lesser degree, they always impact insulin! No matter how healthy it looks, all carbohydrates are broken down by your body into their simple, sugary form.

Simple carbohydrates: Most commonly referred to as sugar and quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, simple carbohydrates drive the production of insulin and feed the blood sugar roller coaster.

Complex carbohydrates: Although these are absorbed more slowly, even complex carbs will eventually become simple carbs and drive the production of insulin. All carbs will cut in line as a fuel source, ensuring that the body never taps into stored fat . . . exactly why weight loss is accelerated when carbs come from only the most ideal sources.

In order to accelerate your weight loss results, you will need to use what I call the Ultimate Carb Swap to ensure that all the carbs you eat are of the highest value. But how can you get rid of more of the sneaky insulin-stimulating carbohydrates that are hiding in your meals? With a little more digging into human biology and history, the answer becomes abundantly clear:

To accelerate your weight loss from 35 mph to 70 mph, you must simply remove grains and starch from your lifestyle for 14 days.

Now don’t stop reading just yet! Even my most loyal clients have had quite a reaction to the previous statement, so I’m sure that you are thinking one (or all) of the following:

• But whole grains are vital for good health! They protect my heart . . . haven’t you seen those Cheerios commercials?
• But grains are the foundation of the food pyramid!
• I love bread and pasta so much; I can’t trade them in to lose weight!
• I’ll get constipated if I don’t eat grains!
• My goodness, is this just Atkins all over again? I already tried that and gained it all back!

First, you must open your mind to the possibility that the cornerstone of what we have been told is a “balanced diet” may not be helping you to lose weight. If you continue to read the facts I present here with an open mind, you can unlock the true nature of your relationship with starches and give your body the boost it needs to release weight at a potentially accelerated rate.
It’s important that I point something out here: although I believe that the BFC Fast Track program works quite well as an ongoing lifestyle that delivers amazing weight loss and health results, it may not be a perfect fit for absolutely everyone. Many clients use this program as a way to kick-start weight loss, break through a plateau, or simply as additional knowledge they use to get the most from The Belly Fat Cure™. Before you decide how it may fit into your life, all I ask is that you try following the BFC Fast Track program faithfully for only 14 days.

In order to accelerate weight loss, you must first believe that you can survive without grains and starches for 14 days. And you will—you won’t just survive, but thrive! The reason your “instinct” tells you that this is impossible results from the fact that sugar, starches, and grains resemble drug-like opioids, meaning that they mimic your body’s own endorphins, binding to brain receptors that make you feel happy. This is similar to how the drugs heroin and opium cause humans to feel better . . . at least temporarily.

So if you are having a negative reaction to the idea of cutting grains and starches out of your meals because you “love” them too darn much, consider that an indicator of how your body has grown accustomed to the comforting feeling these convenient foods deliver every few hours. There are varying degrees of carb cravings. Don’t feel guilty if you have used sugar or grains as a way to feel better, because you’re not alone. Anytime I’ve ever asked a group of successful clients if they can relate to such a scenario, about 98 percent of the people in the room have raised their hands. The good news is that most were able to break free of their addictions while learning the meal-preparation secrets to make the good Super Carbs taste just as yummy, and in only a few minutes . . . and you can, too!

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