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The Last Full Moon of 2017

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The Last Full Moon of 2017

Prepare for the final full moon of the year with this advice from Yasmin Boland
Yasmin Boland
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Nov 30, 2017 at 03:15 AM

December 4th brings the Full Moon into Gemini. It will be the last Full Moon of the year and, as such, it is ideal for starting to release anything and everything that didn't work out as you hoped this year.


As humans, one of the most important things we can do is to have an energetic clear out on a regular basis. This is because we are, sometimes unwittingly, constantly creating our reality with our thoughts. If we are filled up with upsets and trauma, resentment, and regrets, then the energies we are putting “out there” into the world can be negative. As like attracts like, this can be a recipe for disaster!

So, use this Full Moon in Gemini to start the “getting rid of” process which will peak on December 31st, when we all need to release the old and welcome in the new.

Here are the Gemini 2017 Full Moon times around the world:

Full Moon at 12 Gemini
SYDNEY: December 4th, 2.46am
NEW YORK: December 3rd, 10.46am
LONDON: December 3rd, 3.46pm

In another location? Please click here for your time zone.

The Full Moon is the time when your emotions surface and you can begin to deal with them. If you work with them, you can clear yourself out energetically. The easiest way to do this is to make peace with the past, and it is advisable to do this at least once a month. For help doing that, click here for my free Full Moon Forgiveness Kit.

The Full Moon is also a time to get serious about what you want to achieve. This month, the Full Moon is taking place in the somewhat flighty sign of Gemini; however, there is more to it than this. If you look at the astrological charts, you will see that the first planetary aspect taking place after the Full Moon is a meeting between the Gemini-esque planet of Mercury and the planet of all-things-serious, Saturn.

Given the time of the year, it seems sensible to use this Full Moon to:

  1. Start to release (or think about releasing) whatever hasn't worked for you in 2017. Make a list.
  2. Think about your plans for the year ahead. This is not the time to put anything into practice, but to make a few notes about issues you want to resolve in 2018 and lay down a few ideas for how to achieve that.

This Full Moon is especially good for Arians, Geminis, Leos, Librans, Sagittarians, and Aquarians, but could be more challenging for those born under other signs. The energy of a Gemini Full Moon is changeable and fickle.

Ask yourself the following five questions while under the Gemini Full Moon:

1. Have I been gossipy, superficial, or flighty this month?

2. Have I been glossing over other people’s feelings?

3. Have I been too quick to change my mind, or too restless?

4. Have I been too much of a silver-tongued hustler?

5. Have I done enough reading to keep expanding my mind?

The true message of this Full Moon is to slow down and be real with people. Below are some suggested steps to undertake during the Full Moon which will help you begin setting up for a wonderful 2018:

◗ Find a balance between wanting to know everything and taking the time to really learn.

◗ Forgive. Perform the “Full Moon forgiveness ceremony” on page 143 of Moonology. Write your forgiveness list and then burn it. This ritual releases the resentment and negative energies into the ether for transmutation into love.

◗ Be grateful. Perform the “Entering a state of gratitude ceremony” on page 144 of Moonology. Write your gratitude list and then burn it. Gratitude increases your vibration, so you will be happier; and the higher and clearer your vibration, the more able you will be to manifest what you want.

This is a very important Full Moon to work with, so make sure you use it. Most importantly, forgive anyone and anything from the past year – let it go! You can get a free Full Moon Forgiveness Kit here or buy the New Moon Info Sheets here, and refer to your own chart to discover what the Full Moon this month means for you.

Yasmin Boland is an award-winning astrologer and the bestselling author of Moonology (Hay House). Read her horoscopes at

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