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The Message in the Mist

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The Message in the Mist

Hay House
Aug 26, 2009 at 11:15 PM 0 comments

“Life is what happens to us when we’re making other plans.”

— John Lennon


If you’ve taken one of the Hay House cruises with us, you’ll probably remember returning to your cabin at the end of the day and finding a card from one of our card decks on your bed.

Every day during the cruise, we gathered stacks of card decks by the authors who were speaking that day and instructed the ship’s crew to leave one card on each of the passenger’s pillows.

So each night, it was always fun to read the card that we found to see if the message had some significance. One particular night, I found a card from The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards. Spiritual intuitive Colette Baron-Reid designed this stunning deck to introduce us to the magical mythological characters of Avalon.

As legend has it, Avalon was a sacred isle in ancient Britain where the Goddesses ruled by the Divine Force and priestesses kept these ways sacred. It was said that only the holy men could part the ethereal mist that rose above the waters to find their way to this magical place. Once finding passage through the mists of Avalon, the goddesses would share their wisdom with those who truly sought her sacred counsel.

Many people use card decks like these, more commonly the tarot or more popular divination tools, to help connect to the synchronicity of the Divine. And for any skeptics, it’s just an entertaining way to see what fate may have in store for you.

The card that I found that day was “The Swan” and its message read: “Transformation” and “Trusting the Psychic Gifts.”

Suggesting the familiar image of the ugly duckling turning a beautiful swan, this card signaled a period of growth that would ultimately be life-changing. “The Swan says that you may change so much that you may not recognize yourself in the end.”

I found several cards on my pillow during this trip, and I could resonate with every one of them in some aspect of my life. But not this time. The Swan card predicted something that was furthest from the truth. I had just moved into a new house, I was settling in a satisfying position at my job, my relationships were going well, and there were no changes on the horizon. They made a mistake on this one. This card has nothing to do with me, I thought as I tossed it in the bottom of my suitcase.

Not long after this, my supervisor scheduled a meeting with me on what I expected to be our routine update on the month’s projects.  When we sat down, she started telling me about a new Website the company wanted to start. I was so enthused to learn about this idea, which I immediately pegged as a winner. Then she asked me what I thought about being the one to manage it.

I was flabbergasted, elated, speechless, shocked. Well, you get the picture. I never saw this coming. It was a complete surprise to me. I had no idea that our company was moving in this direction let alone that my name would be considered as the person to handle it. My world as I knew it transformed that day.

I guess I did get a message that a change was coming. But I didn’t see it. Or maybe I just didn’t believe it when the Swan asked me to trust my psychic gifts: “It’s time to honor and love this change within yourself, for then only the most beautiful reflection will shine back on you from the mirror of your life.”

I dug out The Swan card from my suitcase. It sits on my desk now, reminding me each day to see with my heart and listen with my spirit. 


Something I Didn’t Know…:

When author Colette Baron-Reid was a little girl, she painted on her forehead with crayons and ink. When she was creating The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards, she realized that this was the mark of the Avalon priestesses. “Perhaps I was remembering a past life or at the very least I was tapping into the collective memory of the magic and enchantment of that world, lost in modern times.”


Best Line I Read Last Night:

“The Swan can dive in the lake and find treasure that human eyes cannot see.”

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