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The Miraculous Mechanics of Manifestation

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The Miraculous Mechanics of Manifestation

2 Important Steps To Manifest What You Want
Mike Dooley
Mike Dooley More by this author
Mar 23, 2016 at 08:15 AM

There are, of course, steps that virtually all physical manifestations can be seen to follow. Deliberately engaging their mechanics begins with knowing what they are. Becoming proficient enough to get consistent results requires practice. Critical to the process is knowing that you’re never alone. You have an anxious Universe and supportive principles at your beck and call—not accidentally, but by design—nonjudgmental yet leaning in your favor because this is in alignment with the intention of the entire nonneutral Universe. You are it; you are adored; you are God becoming more, here to joyfully succeed.

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Your job in bringing about change is the easy part. Just two steps are required for unleashing metaphysical energies and laws, bringing about what others will likely call miracles, luck, destiny, divine intervention, coincidence, and the like. And if you simply take both steps, and keep on taking them until there are results, as long as you aren’t tripping over the nuances named in the following steps, thy kingdom or queen-dom must come.

But you have to take these two steps even though it may seem that you’re all alone, nothing’s happening, and the odds are severely stacked against you.

Step 1: Define what you want in terms of the end result.
Mentally, in your mind, in thought, imagine that you’ve already received, done, or become that which you now desire. Do not imagine how this will happen. Do not worry about the logistics. Do not see the process; imagine it completed.

Step 2: Show up, every day, moving in the direction of your dream.
Physically, to any degree you can, do something. These are the baby steps. They always seem futile. You may be dreaming of champagne and caviar, yet you have to ride the bus to your interview at the mall. Do it anyway.
It doesn’t matter that you aren’t sure if you’re on the right path; chances are you’re not. Do it anyway. If you have absolutely no idea of which direction to move in, move in any direction.

Your thoughts have an energy and a life force all their own. They move around the props, players, and circumstances of your life as if they were puppets on strings, predisposing you to life’s so-called accidents, coincidences, and serendipities. These will lead you into a world that ultimately, gradually, and seamlessly mirrors what you had been thinking about. Yet if you stay at home sitting on your couch with a vision board waiting for Oprah to call, there simply cannot be any accidents, coincidences, or serendipities. This is why you must physically act on your dreams, not to hit the home run or to do the hard part but to be within reach of life’s magic. It rarely matters precisely what you do; because you’ve done something, a world with new possibilities is drawn to you.

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