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The Most Important Lesson I Learned From Past-Life Regression

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The Most Important Lesson I Learned From Past-Life Regression

With Far-Reaching Benefits In This One
Linda Grant
Linda Grant More by this author
May 23, 2016 at 02:45 PM

“Breathe in . . . relax . . . You are in a meadow surrounded by tall trees . . .”

My husband and I were listening to Denise Linn being interviewed by Robert Holden during the Hay House World Summit of 2016 (you can listen to it too here for FREE until May 26th, 2016). Following Robert’s suggestion, Denise agreed to do a past life regression for her listening audience.

At one point, Denise told us to go through a door leading to a tunnel, which would take us into a past life, which had directly influenced this one. I promptly walked straight through a tree. “Curiouser and curiouser” as Alice said, but things were about to get even stranger.

I found myself on another planet in the body of a male who was trying to explain to someone why he/I felt a compulsive urge to answer a call to help beings on another planet. But why? Certainly not for adventure! My people didn’t knowingly engage in activities that might expose them to unnecessary violence and uncertain outcomes. In the end, no rational explanation came to mind.

When leaving that particular lifetime, I felt disappointed in my failure to help: I hadn’t done enough. Perhaps a different technique was necessary. As I experienced more and more past-life regressions and while leaving a later, human, lifetime, I felt that same disappointment. A pattern was emerging. While important, reason wasn’t enough.

I remembered the day when I was walking past our television on which was playing some wartime footage of a concentration camp. A powerful thought rooted me to the spot: “Those guards are your brothers.”

This idea was reinforced later when I regressed someone else to a past life. We discovered that he had been an overseer on a plantation in Louisiana where he delighted in harassing a certain male slave. Unable to take the abuse any longer, the slave ran away into a swamp. When the overseer set the dogs on him, the slave stepped off the path and began sinking slowly in the quicksand. The accusing stare of the slave transfixed the overseer. My client learned that he needed to see this man as his brother.

When I asked my client what the scenario had meant to him, he said, “I’ve never wronged any black man, but I always avoid looking them in the eye. Until now, I never knew why.”

Famed psychiatrist and enlightened teacher David Hawkins could not help a desperately ill patient of his until he was told, “Just love her.” Love had to be the missing piece of the puzzle because love is the most potent energy of all, one that makes miracles happen.

These scenarios may seem too far-fetched to be plausible, but it doesn’t matter if they are “real” or just metaphors for truths we need to discover. These experiences have shown me how necessary it is to see the connections among all of us and to dissolve our guilt from the past by forgiving ourselves. Transformation comes when we learn to love even those who may be unlovable and ourselves as well, because the number one principle is love.


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