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The Movie of You

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The Movie of You

Are you ready to be a star?
Jennifer  Grace
Jennifer Grace More by this author
Jun 20, 2013 at 10:00 AM

For Christmas, my best friend Audrey gave me a teleseminar on quantum physics. It was all about how to use the basic principles of this amazing science to create the perfect life. The seminar’s presenter, Christan, began to reveal some of the mysteries for me. I soon learned that quantum science has long supported the concept of manifestation through communication with Source. Christan introduced me to two authors with particularly influential work in this area: Lynne McTaggart, who wrote Living the Field; and Gregg Braden, who wrote The Divine Matrix. I had heard about quantum physics and had watched the movie What the Bleep Do We Know!?, but it seemed like a big ugly monster that would be far beyond my grasp. Nevertheless, this course helped me to clarify the often-complex scientific discoveries that had been made regarding Source.

Christan explained that, until the arrival of quantum physics, our society understood the world through the lens of Newtonian science. In Newton’s material perspective of the world, the Universe is composed of discrete building blocks that are solid and unchangeable. Quantum physics, in contrast, views the world through a more spiritual lens in which there are no separate parts. Everything is fluid and always changing.

In Newtonian science, we are victims of our circumstances, and everything happens outside ourselves. We are powerless to control what happens in our lives. This is the embodiment of the expression, “You must accept the cards that life has dealt you.” Quantum physics, on the other hand, teaches that we are the creators of our existence. Or, as Buddha said about 2,000 years ago, “With our thoughts, we make our world.”

Finally, science and spirituality meet, I thought.

In the simplest of terms, the quantum findings show that everything we think, believe, and feel is channeled through our consciousness and that these thoughts, beliefs, and feelings manifest in the world around us. We create our own film, and this film is then projected onto a screen. It creates a holographic reality that we must then live in. So, in a sense, the inner speech, visual imagery, and everything else that comes from us is actually our life’s movie.

During the past two years, every time I switched from one passion to another, I was trying to create a film titled A Life of Purpose and Destiny.

Instead it was called One Hot Mess.

Each of us can change and shape the energy of the world around us by becoming the director of our destiny. If you have found yourself starring in a movie to which you’d give two thumbs down, you can rewrite your movie by changing your consciousness. Part of this movie will be written, produced, and directed by you. The other part must be handed over, with complete trust and surrender, to Source.

When I was starring in One Hot Mess, I was not communicating with Source. I wasn’t consciously writing, producing, or directing my story. Instead, I was sitting back and allowing life to happen to me. I wasn’t mindfully getting clear about what I wanted. But once I began to actively manifest the life I wanted, I began to star in a new movie, titled She’s Got It Goin’ On. This movie was made possible by combining my intentions with action, my silence with surrender, and Christan was very instrumental in teaching me the art of surrender.

In my first quantum physics session with her, she told me I was overmanifesting. I didn’t even know there was such a thing. Apparently, I had decided that I would attract clients by attending networking meetings, writing a blog, and sending out a newsletter. Instead, she said that I needed to stop and do nothing. I needed to surrender and stop focusing on a particular outcome.
She suggested, “Wake up tomorrow, and go do what you love. Be open to your inner voice of wisdom and let it guide you throughout the day.”

I felt as if I were back to square one. But I listened to her advice. I got up in the morning and decided that what I loved in that moment was an hour and a half of yoga. With all the driving and striving I’d been doing, I’d forgotten to take care of my body and spirit. So I got in the car and drove to a class.

On my way, a little voice inside my head told me to turn into Starbucks and get coffee.

But I don’t have time for coffee, I argued with the little voice.

It would not relent. “Pull over, Jen. Go inside and get coffee—now.”

Remembering Christan’s advice, I went against the logical side of my mind that did not want to be late for class. I went into Starbucks.

A woman whose child went to the same school as my son was in line with me. We began to chat, and she asked me what I had been up to lately. I told her that I had been certified to teach a Stanford postgraduate class in creativity and business, and that I was now an executive dream producer. She lit right up.

“You mean that you executive produce people’s dreams?”

I nodded.

“What fun! How do you do it?”

“I take an idea for a business that has been swirling around in someone’s head and help that person realize it,” I explained. “Along with my amazing dream team of experts, I do everything from helping people formulate their business plans and budgets to creating logos and websites. Then we launch their dreams into the world with a strategic marketing plan.”

“Wow,” she said and asked me for my card.

She wanted to launch a parent-coaching business. And she wanted to hire me! She was my very first client, although I didn’t dare tell her that at the time.
The following week, she introduced me to two other people, and they hired me, too. I didn’t meet them at a networking event, and they didn’t find me through my blog or social media. They found me because I was on my way to yoga class and allowed Source to take over as I let go of attachment to an outcome. I just trusted.

That combination of being in action, while being in a state of allowing, is how I now guide my clients and students as they bring their dreams to fruition.

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Jennifer  Grace
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