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The Napkin, The Melon, The Monkey—and Janet

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The Napkin, The Melon, The Monkey—and Janet

Hay House
Jan 30, 2010 at 02:30 AM 0 comments

Problems can be gifts in disguise.”

— Barbara Burke


When I had to catch a flight to Tampa for our I Can Do It! Conference, I called up a few shuttle companies to book transportation to the airport. The first one I called had me pressing so many buttons on my phone before I could talk to a living and breathing person, I just hung up. The second one I dialed was the most familiar company with the largest ads. But when I was transferred to a rep, he rushed me through my questions as if I were intruding on his day.

I almost gave up, but I really didn’t want to shove any of my family members out of bed before dawn to wrestle the morning freeway traffic. So I combed the listings again and dialed another number. I was immediately greeted by a very welcoming woman named Janet. She spoke to me as if she knew me. Soon, we were sharing a few laughs over typical airport humor and I felt so relieved about my upcoming trip to the airport. Within minutes, she won me over. If the shuttle drivers were anything like Janet, I knew I’d be in good hands.

Do you have a “Janet” in your life? You know her well. It’s the person who does a little extra something to help you smile, and gives you the positive energy to carry on with your day. Maybe it’s your mailman. The waitress at your regular restaurant. The lady who cleans your office. The cashier at your favorite store. Maybe YOU are the “Janet” in someone else’s life.

One of our newest authors, Barbara Burke, is releasing a book this month that pays tribute to all of the “Janets” in our lives. It’s called, The Napkin, The Melon & the Monkey. It’s a very strange title for a beautiful little book that simply reminds us about those precious gifts we may not often notice . . . that are standing right in front of us or perhaps even looking back at us from our mirror.

The Napkin, The Melon & The Monkey is a parable about a woman named Olivia, who has just been hired at a crazy-busy customer service call center. Her sunny disposition is quickly dimmed by a daily barrage of angry callers. But with the help of a wise coworker, she experiences 22 amazing Aha Moments that turn her life around.

When Barbara came to our office to talk about her new book, we were all enraptured by the captivating story of The Napkin, The Melon & The Monkey. Probably because her central character Olivia was a lot like us. Someone who enjoys her work, but then there are days when she gets pushed so hard it knocks her off track and makes her question why she does what she does.

Barbara herself is also quite a gem. She has had many years of experience with call centers. She’s a great storyteller and often gives talks to call centers around the country. (If you get a chance to see her in person, ask about her encounter with the biggest bear in Minnesota. You’ll be amazed!) Her delightful book will warm your heart and enhance your work life. And it will also make a wonderful gift for the “Janets” in your life!

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