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The People Who Do Magical Work

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The People Who Do Magical Work

Louise Hay
Louise Hay
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Mar 19, 2014 at 07:15 AM 0 comments

Dear Ones,

When I find good people, I stick with them. I love when I find people who do magical work and I can help introduce them to the world. You’ll be able to meet many of them in Denver March 28-30th at our I Can Do It Conference.

I met my dear friend David Kessler decades ago at the Hayrides and this year, we’ve written a book titled, You Can Heal Your Heart. His gentle words will help you find your way through your grief to a place of love.

I have known my wonderful friend Ahlea Khadro for 10 years. She has so much knowledge about how to keep your body healthy and so many tips to share with you. Ahlea will teach you about how you can make healthier choices in your life.

And what can I say about sweet and delightful Robert Holden? I have been having so much fun working together with him on a new book coming out later this year—Life Loves You. He will be in Denver talking about some topics we’ve been writing about—loving yourself, using forgiveness to release your past and learning to be happy right now.

There are so many more people who do such magical work…I simply cannot list them all. I’ll be there, too, sitting in on a few workshops and cheering everyone on. I hope you’ll join us. Life brings us the most extraordinary teachers and experiences. Let’s affirm: I will discover the messages that Life wants me to hear.


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