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Dr. Wayne
Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
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Oct 10, 2010 at 03:15 AM 0 comments

This week a new book becomes available that I was privileged to discover just when I needed it most. I have heard it said that a coincidence is nothing more than God hiding behind a cloud and smiling. Well, the day that Pam McDonald and The Perfect Gene Diet came into my life, God was not only smiling behind that cloud, but I’m certain that he was winking and clapping for having arranged such a fortuitous meeting.

Pam and one of her colleagues had come to Maui in the hopes of meeting me and sharing some of the enormous successes they have had in treating patients with serious disease via the new integrative-medical science, in combination with the teachings I’ve been speaking about for the past 35 years. They didn’t know exactly where I lived, so they both followed their intuitive knowing and simply waited in the grassy area near the beach in west Maui where I live part-time. On the day we met, I had just returned from a visit to a medical team and had been informed that I was living with a medical condition called Chronic Lymphocyte Leukemia (CLL). Someone or something smiling from behind the cloud urged me to go outside and take a walk on a path that I had never taken before at a time when I had never exercised before. As I walked, my mind in a quandary, I met up with Pam and her colleague Kim. We spoke for a few moments, and Pam and Kim shared the excitement they felt concerning their work and how my own life’s work had been so instrumental to them in applied integrative medicine.

In times of need, God can come to you in a myriad of disguises. After talking politely for a few moments, I simply blurted out what I’d just learned about the leukemia diagnosis, and Pam said to me without hesitation, “I thought I came here to share our findings, but obviously I was sent here to help you heal your own body.” Since that day, Pam McDonald, the author of this life-changing—no, life-saving, book—has been my constant integrative-medicine practitioner, and has personally guided me to a whole new level of mind/body health.

This book is loaded to the gills with specific information that will indeed transform your life in so many ways. Basically, the book is well written and professionally researched in order to be of assistance to anyone embarking on a healing path. Pam prescribed the correct treatment, along with dietary recommendations that would serve to reduce my cellular inflammation and put me back onto a regimen of well-being in harmony with my own genetic blueprint.

Pam sends me messages and updates on a regular basis to remind me to stay on the path of The Perfect Gene Diet. It is the love and higher consciousness in these remarkable women who researched and wrote this book that I want to acquaint you with. Pam is not just an integrative-medicine nurse-practitioner, but she embodies the idea that when people with serious chronic conditions such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s, leukemia, diabetes, and so on become aware, they need not stay stuck in the progressive deterioration that accompanies these chronic illnesses. Their symptoms can and will begin to disappear, and they’ll start to look and feel better.

Pam McDonald has gone from being a stranger who had used my work in concert with her own, to being the single most significant person—medical or otherwise—who has helped me get and stay on a dietary regimen perfectly compatible with what God had in mind when he brought this body of mine into this physical world from the infinite, formless world of Spirit.

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