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The Power of Our Words

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The Power of Our Words

Louise Hay
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Jul 07, 2010 at 02:15 AM 0 comments

I read many of your new comments on my Facebook page this week. How delighted I was to see such an outpouring of loving and positive thoughts.

Imagine how many thoughts and words flow throughout the Universe in a single day? We say our affirmations and prayers in the morning. We have conversations over lunch. We catch up with our friends over the telephone. We e-mail messages to gain more knowledge and maintain our careers. We share wisdom at workshops and classes. We text loved ones with our latest information. We come home after work and talk about our day with our families. And now we exchange many more words writing on walls in Facebook and sending messages on Twitter.

There is tremendous power in our words. I believe that when we think a thought or when we speak a word or write a sentence, it somehow goes out from us into a law of mind and comes back to us as experience.

Let’s be aware of just how important our words are. Let’s consider words as the foundation of what we continually create in our lives. Start to listen to what you say. If you catch yourself using negative or limiting words, change them.

Let’s pay attention to the selection of our words when we speak to ourselves and others. From here, we can begin to make the changes that will help heal ourselves as well as the rest of the planet:

I am

I accept

I deserve

I choose

I will

I can

Yes, you can!

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