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The Real Purpose Of Your Imagination

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The Real Purpose Of Your Imagination

Exercise It Often
Mike Dooley
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May 11, 2017 at 04:00 PM

This article is an excerpt from the new channeled book by Mike Dooley and Tracy Farquhar, From Deep Space with Love

The question that was posed by Mike Dooley to Frank, channeled by Tracy Farquhar, was this:  Please tell us about the powers and purpose of imagination.

There is a great deal to be said for the process of imagining and visualizing in advance of actually performing or creating that which is desired. The imagination is a rich and fertile ground for creating that which you wish to see in your sense of material reality, and it is the breeding ground for all conscious acts of creation.

The word imagination is a vague and ephemeral term referring not to a specific part of the brain or a material element of the body, but to a certain type of sense; it is a sense of anticipation and expectation made real in the mind and psyche of the individual. This sense of that which has not yet materialized in the physical world can be a positive, high-vibrational scenario or it can be a scenario that causes a low-vibrational effect that you term worry. It is worry that causes a great deal of stress and anxiety, and it is important to note that worry is simply the act of imagining something going wrong.

With any use of the imagination, there is a mental, emotional, and physical reaction to that which is being imagined; it is very similar, if not identical, to the reaction that would occur if the things being imagined took place in the physical world, and it is this reaction, or response to the mental stimuli, that can cause feelings of excitement, dread, fear, or joy. These reactions are dictated solely by the mental images that one conjures up, but the energy surrounding the responses has a far-reaching effect, causing an energetic response that triggers a sense of expectation in the energy field and an attraction of like energy. And so, while the scenario being created in the energetic field of imagination may not precipitate exactly the same scenario in the material world, the energy of what is attracted will be very similar and will match the frequency of the vibration of the imagination.

It is exactly the same process as if you were creating some material thing with your hands and eyes;

1.) Imagine what it is that you wish to create.

This may take the form of a sketch or drawing, a blueprint, a description, or a computer-generated image that is the first level of the manifestation of that which has been imagined.

2) Take the necessary steps to fashion the imagined object out of some type of physical material in the three-dimensional space.

And so the artist uses the imagination as the first step toward manifestation.

It is important to understand that it is the emotional frequency of an imagined object that leads the artist into an understanding of the following steps needed to create a physical manifestation of the imagined object.

As such, it is this frequency of imagination that dictates manifestation; whether it be a physical object, an event, a circumstance, a relationship, or the outcome of some event. The highest frequency of imagination will cause feelings of anticipation, joy, and excitement. This frequency will be translated into some form of material space within the energy field of the individual, and it will then find those things that match that frequency and draw them into that energetic field. This is the nature of all manifestations in the physical world, and they all begin within the energetic space of the imagination.

There is much to be said for frequent daydreaming, deliberate and conscious visualizing, and even imagination that occurs in the dream state, as they all contain the frequency needed to create. And so we would like to emphasize that exercising one’s imagination is one of the best ways to ensure that you are using your free will to create those things that you desire, rather than those things that you wish to avoid. It is quite simply an act of choosing what you wish to see in your life and focusing the enormous power of your imagination on that frequency, rather than on the frequency of that which you wish to eliminate, avoid, or release from your life.

As with any other sense, this sense of imagination needs to be used, experimented with, and controlled so that it is deliberately focused on desire, on an intuitive knowing, and on creating a sense of fulfillment and happiness in one’s life. Those who spend a lot of time within their imagination, such as artists, writers, musicians, and actors will find that creative process to be not only vital to their lives but also essential to their well-being. Artists will testify that there is much beauty that comes out of challenge, and much expression that comes out of emotional trauma. This is not to say that happy people cannot create, but that those who are able to manipulate the frequency of crisis through the imagination can find that much beauty can be found within it.

The imagination is one of your greatest sources of personal power, and we encourage you to work with it, utilize it, and create not only the material aspects of your life but the nonmaterial experiences, the sense of self, and the conditions that allow you to express the greatest gift of yourself to the world.

This article is an excerpt from the new channeled book by Mike Dooley and Tracy Farquhar, From Deep Space with Love


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