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The Real Truth About Ghosts & Earth Bound Spirits

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The Real Truth About Ghosts & Earth Bound Spirits

James Van Praagh Says Ghosts Aren't Scary But These Are
James  Van Praagh
James Van Praagh More by this author
Oct 21, 2015 at 09:15 AM

I’ve just launched my new Mediumship Certification Course and was surprised when several students asked me the same question, “Should I worry about connecting with “evil spirits?” Actually, this is a common question students and the general public often ask.  In part it could be due to their limited knowledge in the area, or various religious dogmas they grow up with or even Hollywood creating bizarre ideas of demonic possession and things that go bump in the night.  

The truth is, in the thirty odd years I have been involved in my work, I have never been afraid or frightened by a spirit. Spirit is pure love, while man, mostly through organized religion, created the concept of “evil”.  Now there are unevolved, frustrated or angry spirits – but they are not bent on harming you. Honestly, you will very often hear me say: “I am more afraid of the living than the dead.  At least with the dead, I know what I am getting!”  


We must never forget the basic Universal law, that “like attracts like.”  You are a magnet and will bring into your atmosphere what you put forth with your thoughts.  Now in the unlikely moments when I encounter a disagreeable, negative living energy, I make use of some powerful mindful protection techniques, which I teach in my courses and workshops. In short, worry is a wasted emotion, don’t worry about ghosts, be more concerned with how you are living your life and the living beings who are a part of it!

For anyone trying to live a soul-filled existence, there are a few things you SHOULD  beware of. These spiritual threats are a whole lot more fearful than ghosts, for the simple fact that they can prevent you from living your best life here on planet earth. 

Your soul is sent here to learn certain earthly lessons before it ascends to the next level. You’ve heard me say, “Earth is the schoolhouse for the soul.” Well, every schoolyard has a few bullies (metaphorically speaking)! Here are a few to watch out for: 

Living a FEAR (False Ego Appearing Real) based life. 

When you allow fear to invade your life, you operate at a low vibration that prevents you from manifesting love and happiness. Choices based on fear will always leave you frustrated, limited and unfulfilled, because they are based on poverty consciousness, rather than what you desire and what is your spiritual right. Also all that energy aimed at what you’re trying to avoid tends to attract that very thing right into your life experience. 

Releasing Your Power.  

 “What other people think of you is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.” To avoid this very human pitfall, remember that you are a powerful, divine being and in charge of your life, and while you can’t control other people, you can certainly control how you react to them or situations they create.  You have to be willing to take your power and create positive and healthy boundaries which are right for YOU!  Know what’s important to you and don’t settle for less - releasing and giving away your own unique power.  Learn to become mindful to that little voice inside you as you make choices in life. The moment you live an authentic life, the Universe will gift you everything you desire. 

Focusing on the past (or the future). 

We all have learned from our past experiences and can’t control bad things that have happened, but we can choose how we deal with them. Suppressing old emotional pain and trauma can make you sick – mentally and physically, and it can block your spiritually. So what can you do? Acknowledge the past and process the feelings it stirs up  – perhaps documenting them in a journal, or writing a letter to someone who has wronged you (you don’t have to mail it). The secret is to forgive what happened, then move on. You should not waste creative energy anticipating the future, because everything does and will change.  All we have is living in the present moment. In the present you have complete control over your choices, options and your experiences – so live it fully, with your entire being.  Never take these moments for granted, because they will never be given to you again.   

Trying to control everything. 

Putting too much attention on anything isn’t good. I know people who focus too much on their health, their finances, even their spirituality. I tell them – release and just BE, because too much of anything can be harmful. Moderation is the key to being happy and fulfilled in a multitude of ways.  Spirit wants you to be happy, and you won’t be if you’re obsessing about every little thing. That’s when our human traits and earth minds take over and we send out the message to the Universe that we are desperate and stop the natural flow to life experiences.  Life is about motion and flow. We must go with the sea, sometimes rough and sometimes calm, but make the most of both situations.  They are valuable experiences for your soul’s growth. 


So don’t worry about earth bound spirits and ghosts. Instead start taking an inventory of your thoughts and the energy you put out to the world.  Are you proud of the atmosphere you color with your thoughts and actions?  Be aware of things that cause you to lose touch with your own inner knowing, Be mindful, and fully experience the present moment – it is there that you will learn your important soul lessons. You have divine love and everything else you need inside of you. 


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