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The Secret Hormone That Saved My Life

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The Secret Hormone That Saved My Life

A Solution To Help You Feel Whole Again
Kathy  Maupin M.D.
Kathy Maupin M.D. More by this author
Mar 04, 2014 at 09:00 AM

Women love sharing a secret recipe, a stain removal treatment, and other tricks of the female trade. The secret I love to share—my “secret ingredient”—is testosterone. This single hormone is the father and mother of all hormones involved in health, reproduction, sexuality, mood, immunity, lean body mass, bone thickness, and mental clarity. Testosterone is important not only for maintaining general health in women, but for treating a wide variety of ailments that most doctors ascribe to simple aging. In fact, these symptoms are not the result of simple aging; they are a singular condition that testosterone can in fact reverse completely, helping women recapture the youthfulness and vibrancy of their early 30s.
Testosterone in Women 

Currently, testosterone is considered a “male hormone,” which means that traditional hormone replacement for women does not include it. And while it is true that men must have much higher levels of testosterone in their blood than women do in order to be healthy, many people are surprised to learn that testosterone is just as essential to women’s well-being as it is to men’s.

Unfortunately, testosterone’s value to women is something of a secret because mainstream medicine has not approved its use for women. The reasons for this have less to do with health care than with gender politics. Historically, the U.S. medical profession and the FDA, both of which are run by men, have refused to approve for use by women many drugs that have testosterone in them while approving them for treatment of male sexual problems.

Yet I’m here to tell you that testosterone can change your life; it changed mine.

Have you ever wondered why we get old? There are many theories out there. Generally they blame the environment or toxins but do not explain what triggers the process of aging. The answer is hidden deep in the medical literature of the specialty called endocrinology, and it comes down to one hormone—testosterone. In women, testosterone is produced by the ovaries, and production begins to decrease around the age of 40; this is the first trigger for aging. Then other hormones follow suit, reducing their production in response to the drop in testosterone, and so we slide almost unconsciously into premature old age.

In my new book, The Secret Female Hormone, written with the help of my good friend and professional colleague, Brett Newcomb, we explain the whys and hows of this process, but more importantly, the cure for testosterone deficiency and the symptoms of aging. We also pay close attention to the reasons for the U.S. medical community’s stance on testosterone replacement: why does it fully embrace this treatment for men but not women? Why hasn’t your doctor considered this replacement in response to your complaints? There is a reason the American, British, and Canadian medical establishments have buried testosterone replacement for women, and you will learn why you are only now hearing of this “secret treatment.”

Hormone Replacement - Knowledge is Power

When you talk to a medical professional about hormone replacement choices, the more you know, the better. Almost all women know to ask about the benefits and risks of a treatment a doctor proposes for them, but most don’t know enough to ask about the benefits and risks of not taking a treatment like testosterone! Our book offers both the pros and cons of doing so and discusses why the risks associated with refusing treatment for hormone deprivation are significant and, for most people, far outweigh the risks of accepting it. Remember, a choice not to do something is still a choice! It, too, has consequences. Know what they are.

Kathy Maupin, M.D. - My Training and Background

As a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist, I have practiced OB/GYN medicine for more than 25 years and delivered thousands of babies. I am currently an anti-aging physician, dedicated to treating women with the secret hormone, testosterone, something we all need after the age of 40, in the safest and most natural way possible.

For many years I had been listening to my patients’ complaints about exhaustion, lack of libido, belly fat, migraines, and other symptoms as they approached or experienced menopause. All too often I heard the simple, plaintive cry, “Doctor, what is wrong with me?”

It is not a casual question. It is a question almost always uttered in desperation. Until a few years ago, I did not know the answer and I had to tell my patients so.

Our book is for all women who have experienced the drastic and debilitating effects of hormonal imbalance as they approach midlife, even before menopause, and have not received help through conventional medicine.

I was one of those women. I know the desperation that sets in after many frustrating visits to doctors who do not understand the problem or the solution. So I can tell you firsthand that life does not have to end after 40! I want to share the secret of testosterone with you so you can live the next half of your life with energy, health, and joy.

Starting A Safe Hormone Replacement Regimen

I know that finding the right treatment is difficult for women who are not trained as doctors, and I understand the dilemma of experiencing symptoms that no one believes or will help try to solve. It is a blessing that I was a physician when I experienced the symptoms of testosterone deprivation; I had the training to find an answer on my own. Now I can now pass along what I learned and help all women look for and request the right treatment to make them whole again. I very much want to reach women who are suffering from hormone loss, in the hope of helping them regain their health through a novel, safe, and effective hormone replacement regimen.

I can’t tell you how fulfilling my medical practice is now! I am able to sustain more than a 95 percent success rate for my patients with hormone replacement using the safest type (bio-identical pellets) while including the critical and often forgotten female hormone testosterone. This has led me to dedicate all of my efforts to my BioBalance hormone replacement practice, and I no longer practice the traditional medical specialties of obstetrics or gynecology.

The satisfaction I derive from helping women recover their lives, and from intervening in ways that restore them to vigor and health, is inexpressible, but it inspired me to write this book about my journey of knowledge and the changes in my own life. I hope that my experience will help others discover what I now know, not only from personal experience but from helping literally thousands of women journey back to health. This book is the fulfillment of that hope. 

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Kathy  Maupin M.D.
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