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The Secret Ingredient of Good Health

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The Secret Ingredient of Good Health

A Tip To Help You Thrive & Heal
John  Pierre
John Pierre More by this author
Sep 16, 2014 at 10:30 AM

Throughout my book, The Pillars of Health, I focus on nutritional, brain-building, and fitness-enhancing modalities. However, there is one final pillar of health that is perhaps the most important because it holds the key elements that support and reinforce the rest.

We can eat the most healthful diet and exercise consistently, but if we allow the negative energies of anger, jealousy, hatred, and greed to destroy our spirit, then we—and our planet—have little chance of thriving. This is why the pillar of compassion is so critical.

Compassion opens the heart and encompasses many benevolent qualities: love, caring, kindness, warmth, sensitivity, tolerance, tenderness, and mercy. These are the priceless antidotes that diffuse violence, fear, anger, and hatred, transforming us and the world for the better. Cultivating and focusing our energies on positive attributes is desperately important, today more than ever. Love is at the heart of who we really are. Love is what we’re all looking to manifest more of. When we fan the flames of kindness, generosity, and goodwill within us and our children, we thrive as a society. Our very happiness and the survival of our planet depends on our ability to cultivate loving and unselfish qualities.

Think Good Thoughts, Do Good Deeds

Clients and friends are used to hearing me say, “Think good thoughts and do good deeds.” This has been my mantra for many years and sums up my philosophy in a nutshell. The power of uplifting thoughts and the beauty of good deeds create a synergy of immense positive power. The more energy we invest in thinking about kindness and compassion, the more inclined we become to putting those ideas into real actions that have profoundly favorable effects. Negative thoughts leave a blazing trail of destruction not only in the body, but also in our vulnerable mind.

Becoming more loving and compassionate starts with our thoughts. Thinking is the active energy that paves the way for the physical manifestation we call reality. If we hold on to our good intentions without turning them into actions, who will benefit?

I once visited a yoga studio where many of the students and instructors wore white robes and walked around in a serene, meditative state. They dwelled on good thoughts and exuded tranquility and peace while on their yoga mats. As I went to use the restroom in this establishment, I was taken aback by the complete disarray. It looked as if a hurricane had hit indoors. Paper towels and garbage lay thrown all over the floor, and water was everywhere. I took the time to clean up the restroom and wiped everything down, never thinking that this was not my responsibility.

Our good thoughts must expand into good deeds to affect our surroundings for the better. We’re all connected, and extending a good action to others is the same as extending it to ourselves. As I finished cleaning and closed the door behind me, I jokingly said to myself, That, my friends, is yoga. You see, the meaning of yoga is unity, spirituality, and discipline. These are qualities that one does not just practice while others are watching or when we’re at class. The people in the studio who were well aware of the trashed state of the restroom did not take any action to make it better. While they may have felt peace inside, they did not act to spread that tranquility into their immediate environment. Their harmonious thoughts were not demonstrated in the world.

When we become peace and act upon our sense of unity, we live it everywhere we are, not just on our lunch break or during a meditation class. Thinking good thoughts is a step in the right direction, but doing good deeds initiates the physical manifestation of that thought, changing reality for the better. The actions solidify everything into the life we experience.

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John  Pierre
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