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The Secret To Great Health

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The Secret To Great Health

Discover How It Feels to Be Really, Really Healthy
Laura Wilson
Laura Wilson More by this author
Apr 06, 2015 at 08:45 AM

How would you rate your health? If you know in your heart that something is missing from your wellness and well-being, my new book The Alkaline 5 Diet could hold the answer for you. In my younger years, I wondered if it was even possible for me to be ‘supremely healthy.’ If you’re asking yourself this question, too, I totally understand how you feel. I used to be unfit, a smoker, a bit overweight, totally lethargic, regularly got illnesses and felt pretty awful most of the time… and I was in my early twenties. In fact I felt like this from 16 to 21 years of age.

I remember having friends at school who were very sporty—one who was an Olympic swimmer and others that were brilliant at basketball, hockey or athletics. I was pretty good at badminton, but when it came to the team sports I was usually picked last. Stupidly, I started smoking, eating badly and losing fitness and vitality; and this trend continued when I went to university. I am embarrassed to say that I became known as ‘The Pot Noodle Kid’—not a great reputation to have and a far cry from where I am today.

Now I am very fit and healthy. I have energy to do the things I really love: run long-distance, complete marathons and ultramarathon endurance races with very respectable times; dance salsa for hours on end; and sing two-hour live concerts as a soprano member of a classical philharmonic choir. On top of that, I look youthful and feel vibrant and happy.

So if you are asking ‘Is this really possible for me?’ Then, yes, absolutely! You can do this. You can have the health, vitality, joy, self-esteem and happiness that you deserve and it won’t take long to start seeing great results either.

The Secret To Great Health 

The simple secret to great health lies in keeping your body alkaline. Alkaline foods, such as raw leafy greens, enhance your body and brain chemistry. Enhanced body and brain chemistry fosters positive emotions such as happiness, enthusiasm and hope, which are, in turn, alkaline. When you start detoxifying your body of acidity, it is difficult to be unhappy and unhealthy, and the good news is that you can choose to do something alkaline for your body next week, tomorrow or right now. For example, deep breathing clean fresh air is alkaline. Furthermore, your body, being the amazingly intelligent thing it is, will respond positively and almost immediately to the new and enhanced choices you make and fuel that you provide it.

If you are skeptical, imagine the following Friday-night scenario: One person chooses to drink a few glasses of wine and then goes out to a club with work colleagues, commiserates with them about the unfairness of the management team, has a few more drinks, eats a greasy Indian curry, sees a drunken fight on the way home before going to bed at 3 a.m. and getting five hours’ sleep.
The other person goes for a walk in the local park after work and takes some time to reflect on the past week and enjoy nature; goes home and rings a friend whom they haven’t seen for a while, and laughs about old times; reads a chapter of an uplifting book whilst drinking a cup of herbal tea; and has an early night, sleeping for eight hours.

On Saturday morning, who is likely to feel better and healthier? The first person is likely to feel dehydrated, tired, hung over; and with a fuzzy mindset at best and a depressed mindset at worst.
The second person is likely to feel refreshed, healthy, calm and ready to take on the new day with enthusiasm. It’s self-evident that the different decisions we take today have vastly different consequences for how tomorrow pans out. So imagine making better-quality decisions on a day-to-day basis. They don’t have to be huge. Just making small shifts here and there will make a massive difference over the long term. In the same way that changing a ship’s direction by one compass point makes hundreds of miles’ difference in destination over its entire course.

The Alkaline 5 Diet explores how to achieve great health in an unhealthy world, based on the ‘Seven-Point Framework for Optimum Health and Healing’, which I developed in 2008 and have since seen help thousands of people to create healthier lifestyles. There are simple, quick and practical ways to become more alkaline – and therefore more vibrant and healthy – so that you can do it any time for an instant boost. In my book, you’ll also discover: morning rituals to give you an instant kick; simple ways to eliminate stress and keep your mind on what you want in life, rather than what you don’t want; ways to tell alkaline foods from acidic foods; and tips for choosing those powerhouse foods, which are great for vitality, but also improve concentration, fertility, anti-ageing, detoxification, libido, spiritual connectedness, healing, sleep and much more.

It is absolutely within your power to have an abundant, happy and healthy lifestyle. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, ‘The first wealth is health’, and so the first step in reclaiming your power is about taking care of your health by nurturing your body and making smart food and lifestyle choices.

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Laura Wilson
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