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The Subject Was Noses

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The Subject Was Noses

Hay House
Jun 18, 2010 at 04:00 AM 0 comments

“Faces are as legible as books, only they read in much less time, and are much less likely to deceive us.”

— Johann Kaspar Lavater


When we’re kids, we’re usually self-conscious about something. For me, it was my nose. My sister was blessed with a petite button one passed along from my grandmother. But mine—an amalgamation of my ancestors’ most prominent ski slopes and beaks—was a little harder to miss.

My dad tried to ease my dismay with his classic gag: When God was giving out noses, you thought He said, “Roses” and requested a big red one! Somehow over the years, I learned to accept my unique schnoz as my own, even if it did enter a room before I did!

I felt a little bit of this nasal self-consciousness surface when I was about to meet Hay House author Jean Haner for the first time. Jean is an expert in the ancient art of Chinese Face Reading and she had just written her first book, The Wisdom of Your Face with us. Sitting down with someone who reads faces? How could I possibly camouflage the skyscraper in the middle of my own?

But when Jean entered the room, she radiated such joy and enthusiasm in her own face, that any worries I had about mine just dissolved. I was instantly mesmerized by this ancient wisdom that allowed us to explore the inner architecture of ourselves and others through the detailed map of our faces. Imagine that there is meaning to every feature, every line, every crevice, and every wrinkle on your face!

Jean talked about how our inner nature and personal potential are eloquently inscribed in the curve of our cheeks, the shape of our eyes, the contour of our brows, and yes, even the shape of our nose.

Okay, the subject of noses did come up in our conversation. But it wasn’t like I had pictured…Jean’s feet screeching to a halt as she dropped all of her belongings in utter shock at the first site of the sloping protrusion looming on my face.

Instead, Jean paid tribute to my nose, which she called “regal” and a “sign of great strength and authority.” She called it a “nose of personal power”—eager for meaningful accomplishments and the pride of achievement. It also revealed my hard-working nature and sensitivity toward others. Jean even said that in some countries, the noses of royal children were pulled and massaged because there was a cultural belief that they couldn’t be rulers without equally powerful noses!

Who knew the feature that embarrassed me most was the one that picked me up and gave me the inner strength I needed most.

Jean says that you can use the astonishing wisdom of your face to enhance your relationships, learn what you need to be happy in life, and nurture the beautiful person that you are. She just published her second astonishing book with us. It’s called The Wisdom of Your Child’s Face, which offers more tips on how to discover your child’s special gifts and personal challenges—just by looking at their face! (To read more about Jean’s amazing work and where she’ll be doing live face readings, click here:

If you ever wonder who you are, why you look the way you look, or what your calling is—you already have everything you need to know. Remember, it’s written in your face.

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