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The Tao of Fatherhood

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The Tao of Fatherhood

Teaching your children to live their passion.
Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
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Jun 18, 2010 at 10:00 AM

I try to teach my children that being successful isn’t necessarily about performing a specific task, being in a certain occupation, or living in a particular location. It’s about sharing yourself in a creative, loving way using the skills and interests that are inherently part of you. It can involve any activity: dancing, writing, healing, gardening, cooking, parenting, teaching, composing, singing, surfing—whatever. If the activities on the list are in service to others, you feel the bliss of purposeful living, while paradoxically attracting more of what you’d like to have in your life.

My daughter Skye is an example of what I’m presenting here. Skye has known since she could first speak that she wanted to sing. It was almost as if she showed up here in the world with a destiny to sing for others. Over the years, she’s sung at my public appearances—first as a 4-year-old and then at every age up until now.  She’s also sung on my public television specials, and the reaction to her singing has always been gratifying.

As a student immersed in a music program at a major university, Skye studied from academic and theoretical perspectives. One day in her junior year, we had a discussion that centered on her purpose and the silent inner knowing she’s always had.

“Would you be upset,” she inquired, “if I left college? I just don’t feel like I can do what I know I have to do by sitting in a classroom and studying music theory any longer. I just want to write my own music and sing. It’s the only thing I think about, but I don’t want to disappoint you and Mom.”

How could I, who tells his readers not to die with their music still in them, tell my daughter to stay in college because that’s the “right” way, and it’s what I did? I encouraged her to listen to the silent knowing that I’ve seen evidence of since she was a toddler, and to follow her heart. As Gandhi once said, “To give one’s heart is to give all.” This is where God exists in Skye…and in you.

I did ask Skye to make a supreme effort to live her purpose by serving those who’ll listen to her music, rather than focusing her attention on being famous or making money. “Let the universe handle those details,” I reminded her. “You write and sing because you have to express what’s in that beautiful heart of yours.” I then asked her to think from the end and act as if all that she wanted to create for herself was already here, waiting for her to connect to it.

Recently she voiced dismay at not having her own CD out in the world, and she was acting with thoughts of not having a CD out in the world—consequently, no CD and lots of frustration. I strongly encouraged her to start thinking from the end by seeing the studio being available, the musicians ready to collaborate with her, the CD as a finished product, and her intention as a reality. I gave her a deadline to have a CD completed that I could make available at my lectures. I told her that she could sing to these audiences, as she has done sporadically in her life, as well as on my public-television pledge shows.

Her thinking from the end materialized everything she needed, and the universal Spirit began to work with her unbending intent. She found the studio, the musicians she needed magically appeared, and a publisher agreed to produce the CD.

Skye worked tirelessly day after day singing her own favorites as well as several that I wanted her to sing at my appearances, including “Amazing Grace,” “The Prayer of St. Francis,” “It’s in Every One of Us,” and her own composition “Lavender Fields,” which she sings from deep pride and passion. And lo and behold, today her CD This Skye Has No Limits is now out and is being offered to the public whenever she sings at my lectures.

As you can imagine, Skye’s presence on the stage with me brings me so much joy and love!

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