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The Tao of the T-shirt

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The Tao of the T-shirt

What message are you sending to the world?
Alan Cohen
Alan Cohen More by this author
Dec 12, 2009 at 09:00 AM

While walking through the lobby of a Los Angeles hotel, I noticed an Asian woman staring at me. After a few moments I realized she was looking at my T-shirt. As I scanned my shirt, I remembered I had received it as a gift from a Japanese friend, and it bore Japanese lettering. I imagine the woman looking at the shirt was Japanese, and she was interested to read what it said.

Imprinted T-shirts allow wearers to make statements of all kinds. The act of wearing a T-shirt with a message symbolizes the way each of us sends a message to the world. Because thoughts are things and feelings are perceptible at a subtle level, no matter what you wear you are sending a signal to everyone you encounter. You are telling the universe who you are, what you believe in, and what you want. You are speaking a language by your consciousness and, like the woman reading my T-shirt, you will attract the attention of those who speak your language.

There is nothing random about who you meet and the kind of people and situations you attract. When you make positive, loving, successful statements (spoken or energetic), you attract positive, loving, successful interactions. Negative, fear-based, or failure-oriented statements attract more of the same. If you want to upgrade the quality of the people and situations you attract, be aware of the signals you are sending, and upgrade them. Pay less attention to what you are saying or doing, and more attention to what you are thinking, feeling, and expecting. Action follows consciousness far more than action creates consciousness.

Today notice what your “T-shirt” is saying. Notice the kind of people and events that show up in your radar, and make the kind of statements that attract what you value and desire.

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Alan Cohen
Alan Cohen is the author of 17 popular inspirational books, including the classic The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore and the award-winning book A Deep Breath of Life. He is also a contributing writer for the New York Times best Continue reading