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The Top 6 Ways To Make The Most Of This Week's Full Moon

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The Top 6 Ways To Make The Most Of This Week's Full Moon

Which is also a lunar eclipse, a Blood Moon and a Supermoon!
Yasmin Boland
Yasmin Boland More by this author
Sep 23, 2015 at 08:00 AM

As you might know, there is a Full Moon coming this weekend. Except it's not just any old Full Moon. It's also a lunar eclipse. And a Blood Moon. And a Supermoon! All the more reason to harness its energies, says Angel Astrology 101 author and astrologer Yasmin Boland.

The Full Moon eclipse this week is a reason to be excited. It brings an amazing chance for change. Eclipses are when the universe changes gears. What's not to be excited about?

Most of us reading this accept the paradigm that we create our own reality with our thoughts (and yes, that belief does work with astrology).

When eclipse seasons come, it's even easier to change our lives and get back on track. Think of this week's eclipse as a portal to the life you always dreamed of. But first you have to let go of anything that's in your way.

For tips on how to do this and how to make the most of the eclipse this week, read on.

  1. Be prepared to release the past.

Note that Full Moon eclipses are often a lot about letting go. Do a stocktake. What in your life should stay and what needs to go? You already know! If you're involved in a toxic relationship, for example, let it go before the Universe makes you let it go. Taking charge makes the process of change far less painful! What negative behaviours or emotions can you release now?

  1. Shine!

Keep an eye on your favourite horoscope column. Mine can be found via this page. Good columns will give you hints about how the eclipse is affecting you – the part of your chart where the eclipse is taking place is where you can really shine now.


  1. Have faith

Sometimes, what happens around the time of an eclipse (including a week or two before or afterwards) can be very hard to accept. However in time, it's often easy to see that what happened was what your soul needed. (It's not always this dramatic, but it can be.)

  1. Say whatever you should have said earlier

This week's Full Moon eclipse is taking place with Mercury retrograde very much in the picture. In particular, if you know you have been too timid, that you should have stood up for yourself, that you should or shouldn't have said something, put that to rights now.


  1. Get back on track

The eclipse triggers the karmic lunar nodes which are intrinsic to our life purpose. That's why eclipses are so amazing. We all come to earth with a life plan (written in our astrology chart). And then? We are often oh-so easily distracted, right? Eclipses allow us to get back on our right and proper path. Turn and face in the direction you want to go in. Decide to do it now.

  1. Get outdoors and talk to Archangel Ariel

If you like to work with angels, know that the Archangel of this eclipse is Ariel, because the eclipse takes place in the sign of Aries. Ariel has wonderful, fresh energy and is easy to talk to once you get yourself into nature. Talk to Ariel and ask for any help you need. See here for more info about angels and astrology.

FYI, the last time a Supermoon/Lunar Eclipse combination took place was in 1982 – and the next won't happen until 2033. This one will be visible to varying degrees in Europe, South/West Asia, Africa, North America, South America, the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans, Arctic, Antarctica on September 27-28.

Yasmin Boland has recorded a free Full Moon eclipse meditation for you. To access it, click here.

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